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Posted by j280668993 on April 24th, 2012

Want to make unlimited gold in World of warcraft? Since you are reading this article, you are probably looking for a good gold making guide instead of looking todiablo 3 time card buy gold. Indeed, there are many gold guides out there and sure you do not know which one is suitable for you. In this article, I am going to review one of the most popular WOW gold making guides - Valkor's WOW Gold Making Guide.

On first glance, Valkor's WOW Gold Making Guide is sort of a multi-page World of warcraft resource website, as well as providing a powerful World of warcraft Gold Guide. It is glad to see this kind of quality and content associated with a gold making guide. The latest edition is 120-pages long, and you get a lifetime updated for a one-time fee.

Here are some of Valkor's WOW Gold Making Guide contents:

How to buy low and sell high with the auction house

A very good step-by-step tutorial teaches you how to use the auctioneer add-on to trade items for money. It is something that I have done at least three times a day since i played WOW, and I am pretty sure these techniques work. The best part of this trading strategy is that you only need a very little principle gold. Ten gold is good enough to make thousand of gold in a week or less. Do not under-estimate this strategy. Knowing what is the best time of buying and selling can make a huge difference, and Valkor's WOW Gold Making Guide has shown it all.

Using the profession to make money

It sounds very straight-forwarded, and you may think thatdiablo 3 Time card there are a lot of free information out there about how to make money with profession. However, here is the beauty of Valkor's WOW Gold Making Guide profession section. It not only give you the information on how to find the best place to gather material, but also help you to calculate the cost and return. Also, profession skill-up guides are now available in the member's area for free for all primary and secondary professions (even including lock-picking). I have tried the herbalism and alchemy guides, as well as the cooking guide. It looks like they have put a lot of afford on them.

Merchant Locations for Cheap and Rare Items, as well as Quick Instance Runs strategy

Valkor's WOW Gold Making Guide offers a pretty extensive list of items you can buy and resell to make a profit. It works surprisingly well at lower levels. Also, it teaches you how to do quick instance runs in order to acquire binds blue and purple items for disenchantment. The disenchanted shards can sell pretty well. If you can gather another 4 people to farm with you, you can probably make 500 gold a day just from this strategy.

Burning Crusade best gold grinding spots Valkor's WOW Gold Making Guide covers some of the best grinding spots at outland, as well as a section on rare mobs in outlands, many of those have a 100% drop rate for blue items.

Other than the contents above, Valkor's WOW diablo 3 game card Gold Making Guide also includes gold-friendly quests, and hundreds of tips for making gold in World of warcraft. If you follow the instruction from this guide, you could make as many as 300 gold per hour, and the result is totally depending on your effort. The sky is the limit.

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