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Posted by pooja late on February 20th, 2020

Protein is the most important macronutrient. Every part of the body needs protein. Each muscle of our body and even each hair follicle will need protein. It is a very essential need for many functions of the body. It takes special care of the muscles. It repairs muscles and reduces the wear and tear caused because of the physical activity. It will also help in retaining the muscle mass as a person gets older and older.

But how we calculate the protein requirement?

This question is very important to be answered. Not all indeed require the same amount of protein. Every individual need for protein varies. It depends upon the level of physical and mental activity a particular person engages in daily. However, a common measurement is prescribed by the doctors as the minimum amount of protein to be taken by everybody. Irrespective of being a vegetarian and a nonvegetarian a particular amount of protein is required by our body to stay fit and healthy. When you come across soya chunks nutrition facts, the protein content in a vegan's food will be revealed. Even for weight loss, a high protein diet is mandatory.

There is a false idea that animal is a great source of protein. Many do not know that a vegetarian diet can also give the same amount of protein and sometimes more than what a nonvegetarian diet can give. When one decides to have a high protein diet they must be choosy of what they eat. A good diet will have a high amount of protein, a low amount of cholesterol and a low amount of fat. Soya chunks are one such food that can give a high amount of protein. When people started to get to know about the soya chunks nutrition facts, many soya products came into the market in many forms. You might have come across products like soya milk, soya nuggets, etc. So everybody has to decide on how to take a diet that includes soya chunks.

Interesting ways of cooking Soya Chunks

Soya chunks nutritional facts have a very important place for the Textured Vegetable Protein. Soya is defatted by extracting soyabean oil. Do you know that 100 grams of soya chunks have 52.4 grams of protein? I fully trust that you have decided to add this to your diet. We will now see some interesting ways to add soya chunks into our diet. You can make biryani, pulao, fried rice, etc.

So there is no scarcity in adding soya chunks to the rice-based recipes. If you are a Chinese food lover you can do Manchurian dishes replacing the meat in it. And trust me; you can have the same feeling of eating a nonvegetarian dish. Manchurian dishes are very easy to prepare as well. You can also make soya nuggets. It is a quick fix idea for a healthy and easy dish.

Finally, never miss such a diet that is cheap, healthy and full of protein.

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