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Posted by sophiamilller on April 24th, 2012

When you are chosen to speak in front of a crowd for the first time or maybe for the nth time around, you feel anxious about the experience. Speaking means you are opening up your mind on a certain topic and for some, coming across as a professional or an expert seems like the idea of speaking. Public Speaking Anxiety is a common situation amongst all speakers. Any speaker will admit that they do experience pressure and fear that they will mess up the thing with professionals is that they are great in hiding their fear of public speaking or they are truly passionate with what they say.

Everybody has Public Speaking Anxiety

This is something that you have to understand. One cannot simply be confident 100%. Confidence is a great balance to anxiety because it shows that you truly care about what you want the public to perceive and yet you also want to make sure that you get your message across effectively. So, yes, fear of public speaking is something that happens to any speaker who cares. If you don’t care and you just want to act out your speech, that is fine but you might end up lose the message that you want to show instead of using the fear to inject a sense of urgency to inform and tell the people about the message.

Have passion with what you tell

Public speaking anxiety could happen to passionate people who have so many ideas and things to say about the public. However, because they have a lot of things to say, they tend to get their ideas complicated and it becomes harder to get into one specific direction. In order to eliminate that problem that could cause Public Speaking Anxiety, it is important to have an organized flow of ideas. Create a list of things that you want to discuss hierarchically or create note cards with statements that you can discuss this will help eliminate the fear of public speaking and be able to show your ideas effectively and in an organized manner.

Practice is always perfect

Public speaking anxiety happens if you do not prepare even for a bit. Unless you have a mastery of the topic that you want to discuss, it is ideal to make sure that you practice. It is good if you can go to the venue early. This will help you get acquainted with the environment. This will also give you an idea of what to expect when the audience arrives. Practice allows you to become more aware of some important details and how to effectively present your message to the public.

Public Speaking Anxiety happens to anybody but there is always a way to fight it. If you are passionate about your message, then it should not be that hard top spends time to organize your ideas. Keep the flow of ideas spontaneous and natural and use the fear of public speaking as a vehicle to show your sincerity to not only be confident but also be honest about what you have to say to the public.

Public Speaking Anxiety is a very common thing to happen. If you wish to overpower fear of public speaking, our site can provide the most effective tools to become a confident and motivated speaker.

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