The International Psychology Clinic introduces therapies to help out patients with depressive disorders

Posted by william on February 20th, 2020


London, United Kingdom [February 16, 2020]: The International Psychology Clinic has begun to make services from the Top Psychologist London to individuals with mental health issues. Depression is a known term that affects the moods of people. Someone suffering from depression may always feel worthless, guilty, confused, tired, sad, irritable, and angry. Any depressed person loses interest in everything almost that they once used to love. 

A Private Therapy London session ensures that depression doesn’t diminish the relational, and professional functioning that are capable of having detrimental effects. Statistics have shown that this problem is a worldwide problem that is serious and is also one of the main causes of global disability. In issues of mental health, Clinical Psychologist London helps present clinical counseling providing four therapeutic essential elements to treat depression. The four elements are psycho-education, amelioration, validation, and catharsis. 

There are plenty of benefits to getting depression counselling from a leading Counselling Psychologist London as it helps get relief from the symptoms of depression. Patients learn life skills in these sessions that are inclusive of problem-solving skills, healthy coping behaviours, communication, and relationship management skills. 

At a recent press meet, the founder of The International Psychology Clinic was met up with. And, on being asked about how are the counselling sessions invaluable for a patient with depression, she replied saying: “We understand that depression is more than an emotional crisis that needs treatment. Therefore, the Best Psychologist in London with us helps with clinical counselling that is a potential lifesaver. It improves not only the life of the patient but also makes the family of the patient happier, resourceful, and more resilient.”

About The International Psychology Clinic 
The heart of The International Psychology Clinic lies in its commitment to the mental healthcare of their clients. Dr. Martina Paglia runs the clinic and is one of the leading Counselling and Clinical psychologists in London. The clinic helps patients by presenting bespoke services that are inclusive of psychotherapy, counselling, and cognitive behavioural therapy. The International Psychology Clinic is one of the first private therapy clinics situated in central London that offers international services to English-speaking clients living in Italy. Therapists working here are trained at popular therapy institutions and are hand-picked by Dr. Martina to be certain about their professionalism, and experience. The International Psychology Clinic has a repute of excellence as the treatment approach depends on innovative practices of shared decision-making. The highly-qualified therapists present long and short term therapies on a professional and hundred-percent confidential basis. 

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Name: The International Psychology Clinic
Clinical Lead Psychologist: Dr. Martina Paglia,
Phone: 020 7183 6757
Locations of the London therapy clinics: Kensington W8, Marylebone NW1, Oxford Circus W1, Shoreditch E1, Islington N1, London Bridge SE1
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