Six Tips for Kids to Love Golf

Posted by Sophie Mcintyre on February 20th, 2020


We all dream that our children will eventually become golfers. But what do they do best to love this game? If you are like us, you have found that you are playing less golf after your wedding. And far less than your children were born. But there is hope. There is no doubt that there may be complications when playing golf with children.

Here's a personal and practical tutorial for a dad to bring kids to golf.


1. Choose the right time

You know that golf with children is not an activity for Sunday morning. Or at least not if you plan to go to the golf course, where other players will be. I recommend finding time for golf in the evening. Not only with respect to golf colleagues, but also with your own sanity. Believe me, it's not fun to watch your baby hit a bunker eight times in a row. And all that behind you is a grumbler with his hands on his side on the fairway. I advocate that children should learn the pace of golf right from the start. But you're getting into trouble if you don't allow them a little delay from time to time.

2. Let them rejoice in new things

As a parent, I myself try to force my children not to become too much attached to material possessions. But you have to admit that all the things you need for golf are fun for kids. Of course, I'm not saying to buy a brand new Callaway set. But it will delight even the smallest things such as ball marker, tee, or a new package of balls. This should last for the first month of their golf career.


3. Use a golf buggy

One of the other compromises to be made when playing golf with children. Certainly as a golfer you are moving on your course, because you believe that this is how golf should be played. But for kids, driving a golf cart is great fun. And you will surely welcome it when you get tired of carrying your bag all day long. I'm not telling you to take a buggy every time you go golfing with your kids, but from time to time, you will diversify your time together at golf.

4. Adjust the distances

This should obviously be on the list as number 1, as it has an important role in the joy of children from the entire game. No need to force the child to play at the same distance as you. This is how the game becomes much more manageable. And it will allow them to experience at least a few positive moments before they realize how bad this game can be. Masters golf 2020 is going to be broadcast live across the world and fans would have the opportunity of watching masters golf 2020 live stream through any channel of their choice.

5. Calculate the score differently

My guys are so competitive that they insist on scoring in the traditional way. But I showed them a counting system that suits their level up to now. We thought to rate their shots on a three-point scale. If they are satisfied with their tee, they +1 it. When the tee is completely normal, it scores 0. And if they are not satisfied with their tee at all, score -1. Any score with a positive result is a victory.

6. Emphasize to some extent the rules of conduct

Another reason why it will be better if the pitch is practically empty. You want to be able to show your children a few basic rules of golf behavior - to wait for their turn, not to build gingerbread on sand obstacles - without becoming a school of morals on the grass for children.

If your children are young, you only want to give them the basics of respecting the playground and other players. But you certainly don't want them to think that golf is a collection of things they can't do.

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