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Posted by teen foot worship on February 20th, 2020

For me, what attracts the most attention in women is the feet .If you were frightened by the revelation now, I will try to explain my teen foot worship that part of the woman's body, seen as irrelevant and despised by most people, but which has a legion of supporters and lovers. 


Some research has shown that feet are the most fetishized part of the body after sexual organs. Almost half of all fetishes are for feet, and almost two thirds of the main teen foot worship objects are related to them, such as wearing shoes and socks.

 know about teen foot worship

There is even a more scientific theory to explain this teen foot worship, formulated by neuroscientist Vilanayar Ramachandran, from the University of California.


With the popularity of plastic surgery, we know that every woman can upgrade both the breasts and the butt. Aesthetics clinics can remove those unwanted fat in the abdominal region, insert botox and leave that crown with little body of 30.But, there is a region that, no matter how hard they try, Pitanguy cannot manage it. This part of the body is called the foot.

You don't even have to be a foot podcast (foot aficionado) to see that this area doesn't need lingerie or any props (although some even use some accessories). She can bless the girl or put a burden on the owner for the rest of her life.

There is no way, either her feet are already beautiful by nature or she is forced to hide it for the rest of her life, just as if he were a life sentence. There is no middle ground.

Like the female body, it has shape, nuances and very unique characteristics. Depending on the position and curvature, it can be even more attractive.They are democratic. You can admire them with flat shoes, fall in love when the owner puts on a scarpin, or have devotion with them simply naked, as they came into the world.

Unlike a woman, it is possible to love more feet in life without nurturing any feeling for their owner. You don't have to be afraid of damming or hiding as if you were doing something wrong.

You can even love the girl with the ugly feet and be devoted to the not-so-attractive girl with the fantastic feet. There is no betrayal in this case, just a mismatch of interests.

After all, worshiping them is not immoral.If their owner knows how to use them, then it is a tempting combination. Spearing him under the table at a formal dinner. With them in the air, sort of at random, while she is facedown waiting for you. During sex, giving in to the partner's appreciation.

Wearing it with a high heel then, it's killer.I affirm that it is a blow to those who still dare to tattoo this region. There is no more perfect combination than tattoo and foot.

And for you, who share the same taste as mine, a tip to not scare women. Don't reveal this adoration to her like that, knock and go. Gain ground, your confidence, show her how you can enjoy this teen foot worship, and then take the blame.

Now if the girl you have a feeling for has ugly feet, keep it to yourself. Life has been so thankless with her, don't make her even more frustrated.

The limits of teen foot worship

Foot fetishism can normally be considered a sexual game between two consenting adults.

However, it becomes more "problematic" when a person necessarily needs the feet of his or her partner to take pleasure.

We then speak more of a pathology than a sexual game.

Some women in couples with real fetishists say that their companion forces them to hide their feet which they associate with intimate and sexual objects that no other person should see.

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