The International Psychology Clinic presents anxiety counselling for anxiety disorders

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London, United Kingdom [February 16, 2020]: The International Psychology Clinic offers the services of a Counselling Psychologist London to help patients with anxiety disorders like a social anxiety, GAD, phobias and OCD that have social, environmental, and biological factors influencing the progression and development of the disorder. Anxiety disorders are very common. In 2013, more than eight million individuals have been diagnosed with anxiety in the UK.

Anxiety disorders mainly affects the behaviour of an individual leading to the inability of the individual to stop worrying excessively and persistently. This is why Private Therapy London from an established Private Psychologist London is so necessary. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy helps patients explore factors that make them more vulnerable to developing anxiety issues, factors that may trigger an episode of anxiety and factors that increase the likelihood of the issue continuing.

Psychologist London presents anxiety counseling that helps one understand the signs associated with anxiety as symptoms vary from person to person. Clients will get anxiety counselling if they are experiencing social anxiety, GAD, OCD, PTSD, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety, Health Anxiety or Separation Anxiety. Each of these disorders is different but demands a professional’s assistance to get rid of the symptoms. 

At a recent press meet, the founder of The International Psychology Clinic was met up with. And, one being asked about how they offer matchless treatments for addictions, she replied: “Our anxiety treatments are purely subjective to the problems of individuals for which they are being treated. We determine the modality through the therapist and the client working together for collectively resolving the issues. Our teams make use of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to identify behaviors, and thoughts supporting the anxiety disorder. CBT focuses on goals help in identifying the coping skills while creating positive as well as healthy solutions to get rid of anxiety.”

About The International Psychology Clinic 
The heart of The International Psychology Clinic lies in its commitment to the mental healthcare of their clients. Dr. Martina Paglia runs the clinic and is one of the leading Counselling and Clinical psychologists in London. The clinic helps patients by presenting bespoke services that are inclusive of psychotherapy, counselling, and cognitive behavioural therapy. The International Psychology Clinic is one of the first private therapy clinics situated in central London that offers international services to English-speaking clients living in Italy. Therapists working here are trained at popular therapy institutions and are hand-picked by Dr. Martina to be certain about their professionalism, and experience. The International Psychology Clinic has a repute of excellence as the treatment approach depends on innovative practices of shared decision-making. The highly-qualified therapists present long and short term therapies on a professional and hundred-percent confidential basis. 

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Name: The International Psychology Clinic
Clinical Lead Psychologist: Dr. Martina Paglia,
Phone: 020 7183 6757
Locations of the London therapy clinics: Kensington W8, Marylebone NW1, Oxford Circus W1, Shoreditch E1, Islington N1, London Bridge SE1
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