How to quit smoking?

Posted by Mark Davis on February 20th, 2020

Smoking is a physical and psychological addiction. Smoking is injurious to health because of the risk it imposes on health. Nicotine makes the brain release signals of “being good”. That’s why smoking is addictive as it’s the way of coping from stress, depression, boredom, and anxiety.

In this century where everything is digitalized and with in approach, buying cigarettes online has become very common. Buying cheap cigarettes online is the trap of addiction which is now prevailing. This addiction is like so hiked person starts smoking like in the morning or during a break, commuting towards home after work, with family and friends, it just becomes part of daily routine. Buying cheap cigarettes is itself injurious because of the bad ingredients in it. To effectively and successfully quit smoking, it needs to address the habit, addiction and the associated routine with it. Person will power is very necessary to start the plans to get rid of the bad habit of smoking. The first step is to identify the triggers that want you to smoke like any special activity, situation, people or feelings like buying cigarettes online with PayPal.

When a person decides to quit smoking, there are some nicotine withdrawal symptoms faces by him that generally appear 2 to 3 days of quitting that include craving for smoking, tremors, insomnia and anxiety. But these are temporary and go away after some time. Managing the craving for smoking is very important, as this can be done by distracting oneself and getting out of the tempting situation. Other than these, a person can maintain to have a balance ahealthy diet with lots of fluids. Making a routine of exercise help in getting on the right track. Medication and therapies also work that include both nicotine replacement and non-nicotine medications. It is also the responsibility of friends and family to provide motivational support to the person who tries to step away from smoking as he needs the encouragement to get rid ofthe bad habit. Support can help a person to lead an addiction-free normal life.

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