Learning Couture Art at Academy of Couture Art is a Fantastic Experience

Posted by adairsawyer on April 26th, 2012

Do you consider the possibility of joining a fashion institute as unique and recognized as academy of couture art? Choosing the right academy is a daunting task, and should be carefully done. Leaf through academy of couture art reviews which give information about the school, if you are planning to join an academy, enroll in a design prep program, and in so doing you’re entitled to arrive at a better decision.

First of all, this academy was set up to teach the world famous couture art techniques that took roots in France. However, the success of the academy is attributed to a unique coursework which integrates French couture techniques with the latest trends and production in American fashion. Flicking through the reviews written by students of academy of couture art, I am able to relate to the zeal and enthusiasm that runs through their words, and the willingness to share information with each and every hopeful.

In France, for somebody to call himself an expert in Haute Couture, in other words, high sewing, he has to adhere to strict standards laid down by the French ministry. Yet, Haute Couture is more than laid down standards; it is a technique of design and making clothes specific on fit, line, balance, proportion, creativity, and detailed craftsmanship. It takes a lot more than just interest to master the art of couture fashion. A tenure at this academy of couture art means learning the art of couture which stands distinguished by unique silhouettes, fantasy inspired designs, fantastic details on fabrics, and the most stylish textiles and embellishes that are so gentle and fine that anybody is hesitant to get close to them.

It’s highly fortunate that the founders have made their way to the USA, and set up an institute dedicated to teach the essence of couture art by way of a coursework that deals with both pattern making and fashion designing as separate areas, unlike other fashion schools in the country. The founders understood how the techniques of Haute Couture can enrich and transform fashion on even a mass production level. Work placements are as always a contributing factor while selecting the right academy for training. Such placements not only give students a valuable experience, but also a feel for practicing in the industry, and as always there is the opportunity for employment to be secured if the designers are impressed with the potential of student. Another aspect that stands out is the way in which the academy is built akin to an atelier. No other academy in the whole of USA has such a cool layout that the academy of couture art boasts of.

Received directly from the students who passed out of this fashion institute, the academy of couture art reviews certainly help take a decision and mull over the aspects of shaping one’s career. Taking cue from the reviews, one can clearly say that learning fashion techniques is a touch special and exciting in this institute.

How about joining an academy as good as the Academy of couture art? Glance through Academy of couture art reviews and you’d be glad you did.

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