Uses of rubber bracelets in Different Settings

Posted by hellensmith on April 26th, 2012

Custom Wristbands are often found on the wrists of both kids and adults. While some of them are using these elegant looking accessories as fashion statement, others are using them for branding or for promoting some cause. Bracelets have been worn by people for a long time. Traditionally, people have been wearing single-color bracelets with text debossed on them, today the trend involves rubber bracelets that are either printed, embossed, debossed, ink filled, color coated or dual layered. In addition, you can also find bands that glow in the dark, those with segmented or swirled colors or with glitters. In addition to the different pre-made designs, you can also choose something customized to your style and needs.

Embossed rubber bracelets have their writing raised above, while in debossed bracelets inscriptions are engraved onto silicone. On the other hand the printed options are more affordable, where the text is printed. In this case, a template is used for applying the customized design rather than using a mold. And, the embossed letters can be highlighted by using another color. Different types of Wristbands are worn by people for different purposes.

Today, rubber bracelets have come to become an economical promotional option. Even if you have an extremely limited budget, you can use custom designed bracelets to reach a wider part of your target audience. In addition, contrary to advertisements the shelf life of these promotional items is much longer, making them much more a cost-effective option. Another reason for the increasing popularity of Wristbands is that they are fashionable and stylish in appearance, and can be worn by just anyone. The different types and patterns make it easy for people of all age groups and tastes to choose the one that suits them accordingly.

You can find rubber bracelets in multiple colors and with appealing inscriptions. However, the option to customize these accessories allows people to create something that suits their custom requirements. They can be segmented into different colors, swirled with colors or added with glitters. There are also figure bracelets with astonishing shapes embossed or debossed on them. In addition to branding and style purposes, Wristbands are also worn for supporting causes or raising awareness. For example, yellow colored bracelets have been used for raising funds for cancer and research. Pink colored bracelets have been used for raising breast cancer awareness, while green has been used as a message for saving the planet and environment.

Even hospitals have started using rubber bracelets so as to distinguish patients with allergies or infectious diseases. Red stands for allergies, green for latex-based allergies and pink for controlled extremity. With the help of differently colored Wristbands, people are able to identify and stay away from people suffering from one or the other type of allergies.

You can use Wristbands in a wide range of other settings. Find out more about using rubber bracelets for your requirements by checking our website.

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