Low-cost Neurosurgery in Bangalore - Best Destination For Medical Tourists

Posted by Ankit Sharma on February 20th, 2020

Neurosurgery: Overview

Neurosurgery is a surgical method that uses invasive techniques to diagnose, investigate and treat a neurological disorder, disease or injury.  Neurosurgery is an entirely challenging surgical strong point in which methods and technologies are continually developing. Minimally-invasive approaches the usage of surgical microscopes and endoscopes are more and more users who obtain comparable or better outcomes than open surgical operation. The benefits to the patient include much less pain, faster recovery time and minimal scarring.

Low-cost Neurosurgery in Bangalore - Best Destination For Medical Tourists!

Neurosurgery cost in Bangalore

Visiting another country for your neurosurgery could be an onus - physically, mentally, and financially. But Bangalore is one such place that lets you forget your worries by offering affordable and friendly medical treatment along with sight-seeing post-treatment.  Low-cost neurosurgery in Bangalore is not any less than a boon for the global sufferers, which provides them an opportunity to get healed at a low cost than their domestic country. It’ll deliver sufferers the benefit of two in one; they can get the treatment and discover the country of a for the duration of their stay. Bangalore has no parallel in relation to getting the cost-effective neurosurgery. The low cost, currency value and lower-priced clinical facility make it the first choice for worldwide patients. 

Top neurosurgeon in Bangalore

Bangalore is well-known for its healthcare facilities, and experienced doctors and neurosurgeons specialized in providing quality treatment for medical travelers in various fields. Top neurosurgeons in Bangalore have attained educational qualifications and fellowships from prestigious institutes around the world and they are well-versed with the latest neuro treatments to provide solutions to various spinal problems. Here is a list of top neurosurgeons and neurologists in Bangalore:

  • Deshpande V Rajakumar
  • Ashok Kumar Singhal
  • Chandran Gnanamuthu
  • Krishnan PR
  • K Kartik Revanappa
  • Praveen Ganigi
  • Sreekanta Swamy
  • Satish Sathyanarayana
  • Arun L Naik

Neurosurgery surgeons in Bangalore with mainly properly reputations and a long time of experience are likely to demand a higher price. Savings on neurosurgery can be discovered with surgeons who are particularly-skilled, however still developing their reputation. 

Best neurosurgery hospital in Bangalore

There are more than 50 JCI authorized hospitals for foreigners that provide affordable and high-quality treatment. The neurosurgery hospitals in Bangalore are properly-geared up with state-of-the-art technology and advancements to deal with various neurology conditions also; there are numerous top neurosurgery hospitals in Bangalore which are collaborated with international hospitals. This international collaboration has confirmed to be beneficial for hospitals in addition to patients. Additionally, the hospitals in Bangalore keep abreast of the latest advancements and treatments to treat neurology problems. Bangalore hospitals provide the best quality of services at significantly lower rates compared to the counterpart hospitals in the United States.

Why is Bangalore best for neurosurgery?

Bangalore is currently a leading medical tourism destination for people around the globe. Bangalore is like your second home, where your medical journey and vacation awaits. It is a city with stunning scenery, Bangalore is not only about exploring fascinating destinations, but the city also offers pocket-friendly neurosurgery care which makes a two-in-one thing for its medical tourists.  Treating neurology disorders via neurosurgery is one such specialty that attracts millions of medical tourists annually. Low-cost neurosurgeries in Bangalore, success rate, highly-experienced surgeons and well-facilitated hospitals have made Bangalore shine in the crowd for medical treatment. The success rate of neurosurgery is also very high in Bangalore because of the latest and innovative technologies, highly experienced surgeons and specialized medical team, world-class health care facilities and quality of medical services. Over 7, 00,000 medical tourists came to Bangalore for treatment every year and the numbers are expected to grow to 1 million in 2020. 

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