With These Tips You Can Enjoy A Lesbian Massage Seduction For Longer!

Posted by lesbian massage seduction on February 20th, 2020

Afterwards you feel completely calm, as if a burden has fallen from your shoulders. Problems that previously seemed to be huge obstacles, now suddenly seem no longer that great. With these tips you can enjoy a lesbian massage seduction for longer!

1. Schedule the lesbian massage seduction at a quiet moment

Do you have a busy schedule with little space for a moment for yourself? Then there may be a strong tendency to plan that well-deserved massage somewhere in between your activities. However, we recommend that you book your massage at a time when you can really unwind. You benefit more from the benefits of the massage if you don't run in full of adrenaline. Then it takes longer before you can surrender to the relaxing massage treatment. If you then have to do all sorts of things again, your thoughts may wander off to what you will soon have in your agenda. If afterwards you have to hurry immediately for your next appointment, the beneficial effect will be almost immediately canceled out.

lesbian massage seduction is good for health

2. Give body and soul time to recover

After a massage it is important that you slowly get up from the treatment table. Most massage therapists give you a moment to 'recover'. If you have had a relaxing massage before, you may have noticed that you may feel dizzy or numb afterwards. It is therefore not a good idea to get busy right away. You can see massage as a therapy that naturally encourages the body to repair itself, including your muscles. By taking a rest afterwards, you can support this process.

3. Sore muscles after a lesbian massage seduction?

A wonderful feeling after a massage? The opposite can also occur, namely that your muscles feel a bit more painful. The tensions in your muscles have been massaged loose and your muscles are now working hard to recover. So it's actually a good sign, because your body has been put to work. In this case, a hot bath or hot shower can provide direct lighting. Pay attention; a massage should never cause intense pain. The pain that we are pointing out here is a fair feeling in your muscles, similar to a slight muscle pain.

4. Drink plenty of water after a massage

Drinking enough water is always important, but after a massage it is even more important. The massage promotes blood circulation and therefore also the metabolism in the muscles and in all tissues and cells in your body. This ensures, among other things, that waste products are better removed from the body. By drinking enough water afterwards you can optimize this process. It can also happen that you get a headache after a massage. You can prevent this by drinking a large glass of water both before and afterwards.

5. Eat a light meal

It is advisable to eat a light snack before a lesbian massage seduction. A feeling of hunger during the massage can prevent you from fully enjoying the massage. Because massage promotes all your body functions, chances are that you will feel hungry afterwards. However, you prefer not to throw yourself into a heavy meal, because you will immediately feel heavier and possibly more uncomfortable. That's a shame, because you felt so comfortable and healthy after the massage. Go for a light meal, such as healthy meal salads or vegetable dishes with possibly fish or lean meat.


6. Give space to pent-up emotions!

Do not be shocked if you experience intense emotions during or after a massage. This is a common and positive effect of a lesbian massage seduction. Don't put them away, but finally give them space. It can be a tear, even a heavy cry. By allowing your emotions, you can let them go and free yourself from this. In our fast daily life, we tend to keep tucking them away and that is not healthy for you! In short, time to book a massage again soon.





lesbian massage seduction

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