What's So Good About the SWTOR Jedi Consular?

Posted by e280668993 on April 27th, 2012

Being known as the peace maker of the Galactic Republic, the SWTOR Jedi Consular is highly thought of. This class is the very thread that the Republic hangs on. Thediablo 3 beta key Consulars are thought to be the leaders and visionaries of the Republic.

This class is very skilled being able to deploy Force in combat and devastating with wisdom when in diplomacy. Being able to unlock mysteries of the Jedi and raise armies to fight in the Republics name, the Force gives this class all the power needed to arise to any occasion.

Although not primarily a fighter, the SWTOR Jedi Consular can hold their own. The Jedi Consular uses a dual bladed lightsaber and is able to anticipate future attacks and never makes a flaw when striking back.

Should you choose to play as the SWTOR Jedi Consular, you will start on the planet Tython with the options of choosing Jedi Sage or Jedi Shadow for your advanced classes.

The Jedi Sage focuses on advancing their knowledge of the Force rather than advancing combat skills such as bettering the lightsaber.

The Sage is mostly interested in revealing secrets and is famed for their wisdom which comes with amazing defensive skills and mind blowing healing techniques. When times get tough, the Sage is able to bring together the past insights with power which rattle the events that are presently occurring.

The Sage uses three items from thediablo 3 beta key Force; Balance, Seer, and Telekinetics.

Playing as the Shadow means that you observe but are extremely powerful. This class is a force to reckon with and can use devastating force when needed. You may not notice a Jedi Shadow due to the fact that they are so discrete.

The Jedi Consular can enforce Force based skills to affect enemies everywhere. Using this with the Shadow class, the Consular can sneak into enemy areas and is more than willing to fight being able to implement very powerful attacks. The Shadows aren't seen often but when they are, can be noticed to have a dual light sabers and are highly trained to be used for the offense and defense.

The Shadow is highly effective in using the skills of Kinetic Combat, Infiltration, and Balance. The Shadow has a lot of ranged attacking abilities but must be in a Melee for top notch performance. This class is highly effective playing as a solo and dealing damage or needing to be a tank for a group. The Shadow only wears light armor.

Whichever class you decide to go with, you will find that you are extremely good with a single light saber or a dual light saber, but not both. The SWTOR Jedi Consular is very good in both offensive and defensive situations. As stated above, this enables the Consular to Tank in group play, or Solo with no problems.

Unlike other classes who have to draw the Force, thediablo 3 gold Consular can use the Force directly in combat to blast their enemies away from them or drain the enemy's health. Using telekinetics, the Consular can throw rocks and other surrounding items on the terrain at their enemy.

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