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Posted by cyber success on February 20th, 2020

To define simply, Software testing contains two things: verification and validation. The process of executing the program with the intent of finding bugs is only part of the software testing process but not the whole. There are many other misconceptions about testing like they won’t be any growth in software testing or it doesn’t require good skills for testing which results in testers not being paid on par with the developers which makes people think that testing is inferior to development. But it is not true.

Software testing is indispensable in every software project as they are required to ensure that the product has enough quality suitable for release. Because of the arrival of tools and techniques enriched by new technology and the adoption of sophisticated methodologies implemented by the software development teams, software testing as a career has seen phenomenal growth. Our Software Testing Institute in Pune will train you with all the required skills so that you will be ready for taking on a job. Let us examine different aspects of a career in software testing.

Scope of software testing

Just as a plan is important for proper functioning, testing is important to see that everything has been executed well and is doing its function properly. Professionally trained testers are in great demand nowadays and you might become a software tester in an independent testing company or be a member of the internal software testing team.

As many companies are leveraging the technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and IoT, etc, there should also be taken care that things won’t go the wrong way which only increases the importance of Niche Specific Testing Knowledge. Based on the level of experience, testers will be paid a great amount. Our Software Testing classes in Pune will provide the knowledge of all these niche areas so that you can go in a career in the domain you like.

Courses for software testing

To become a successful software tester, you require a lot of skills – both technical and non-technical.  The technical skills include hands-on knowledge of test handling, automation tools and also basic programming and database skills and also domain-specific skills and knowledge. Non-technical skills include analytical, communication and a lot other. So, how do you learn all of them and also prove beforehand that you are thorough with them? The best way to do that is by obtaining a certificate. Doing ISTQB and CTSE certifications will help.

Our Software testing training institute teaches you the usage of many important tools like Automation tool Selenium, Performance Testing tool JMeter and Test management tool Test Link. This is the best software testing course in Pune with placement which means that there will be more opportunities beside you,

The job of Software Tester

As we have seen before, there is a lot of scope in different areas of the IT Industry for a Software tester and many of them have their own characteristics. So, we cannot, particularly what the job of software testers involve but can only generalize it.

In a typical company, the roles might be like these: QA Analyst, Sr. QA Analyst, QA Team Coordinator, Test Manager and Senior Test Manager and on a typical day, you might be understanding requirement documents, forming up test cases and executing them. Reporting the bugs and also retesting them.

Salary of Software testers

The Salaries of a software tester vary from company to company and between the job positions too. In the United States, the salary of a software tester generally ranges between ,993 and 935. While in India, it is Approx 2.5 to 4.5 Lakh.

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