What kind of gift cards does King Soopers sell?

Posted by nicholas.t.abbott on February 20th, 2020

Our gift cards are the highest quality gift cards available in the U.S. So while King Soopers' store gift cards may not be the most valuable, it's hard to beat the convenience of them being available at your local store when you need them 

What kind of gift cards does King Soopers sell?
King Soopers Gift Cards
  • Safeway 0 Gift Card. by Safeway. ...
  • Whole Foods Market Gift Card. by Whole Foods Market. ...
  • Whole Foods Market Gift Card - Email Delivery. by Whole Foods Market. ...
  • Southwest Airlines Gift Card. by Southwest Airlines. ...
  • Albertson's Gift Card. by Albertson's. ...
  • Starbucks Gift Card. by Starbucks. ...
  • Wendy's Gift Card. ...
  • Lowe's - Email Delivery.

We offer different gift card types such as:

Flawless gift card;

Reward Gift Card;

20% off gift cards;

Starter value Card;

Genius Gift Card;

Walmart gift cards;

Chico's Gift Cards;

NFL gift cards;

We use check card, credit card and company checks in our stores. If you can't make your purchase at the register we will help you by preparing your gift card ahead of time.

I can't buy this gift card, how do I make it?

King Soopers sells multiple gift cards as well as bulk discount gift cards. The bulk discount gift cards are based on the bulk quantity or size of your order. Bulk gift cards are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. They are good for use on most grocery store purchase in-store gift cards, as well as online purchases. Bulk discounts are valid only at the point of purchase and are valid for up to 2 times per month. This means your bulk discount gift card can only be used for one purchase per day. You can use the bulk discount gift cards at any King Soopers. Gift cards are not transferable, are not refundable, are not redeemable for cash, food maxx coupon off

"Yes, for customers who may choose to use the debit card instead of credit."

Same-day checkout is .75?

"Yes. Same-day is .75. At other times we also have the ability to provide a same-day payment with .00 interest per month after the one-day payment is made."

Is there any limit to how much you can spend on a gift card?

"We don't have any limitations on how much you can spend on a gift card."

Do you accept other types of gift cards?

"Yes, we do accept certain gift cards. You are welcome to use them at King

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