How does a continuous ink supply system actually work

Posted by jackbandy on April 27th, 2012

The continuous ink supply system delivers to your printer a continuous flow of ink to the cartridges that are inside the printer or to the bulk ink system. The continuous flow is delivered through a capillary system that connects the external reservoirs with your cartridges or bulk ink system. For better results use the bulk ink system, no more cartridges because they have that sponge inside that might dry if you do not use your printer for a long period of time, but if you use your printer constantly the sponge will not dry.
Near the printer are the external ink tanks. The dimensions of the ink tanks may vary. You can choose how big to be the external tanks, depending on the purpose you use your printer. You can have 4, 5, 6, or 8 external tanks depending on your printer’s model. Each ink tank is filled with the same color as the cartridges inside the printer which are connected with the tanks reservoirs. It is very important when you install the continuous ink supply system not to mistake the links between the outside reservoirs and the inside cartridges.   
When you purchase the continuous ink supply system, with the entire component parts of the system you also receive ink for each color, about 100ml. When the ink from traditional cartridge is low and you have to replace the cartridge, you are actually loosing ink, because you cannot use all the ink inside the cartridge. With the continuous ink supply system you do not have this problem. All the ink from the tank is used by the printer. No more cartridges will help you saving money. CISS is a more economical system and will use all the ink.
Because the continuous ink supply system uses external tanks, you can easily keep the tanks full. If you have the external tanks full, this means that you have the internal cartridges always full and the sponge inside your internal cartridges will not dry. This is an advantage that you do not have if you refill your ink cartridges. You can see through the external ink tanks and you can refill them every time. No more cartridges mean that you won’t receive the “Low ink” error. Now you do not have to check your ink level every time because you can see when you are running out of ink and you can quickly fix the problem.
Some cartridges have a chip attached that records the ink level from your cartridge. No more cartridges will solve this problem very easily because with the continuous ink supply system the cartridge that is inside the printer will be always full. The chip cannot detect that it is constantly supplied with ink, so the ink level won’t drop. But you should remember to place the external tanks at the same height with the printer. If you place the external tanks higher than the ink printer, than you can flood your cartridges that will cause damage to the printer.  

No more cartridges mean that you won’t receive the “Low ink” error. It is very important when you install the  continuous ink supply system not to mistake the links between the outside reservoirs and the inside cartridges.

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