Pool cleaner and the 3 types of robots for cleaning

Posted by John Smith on February 20th, 2020

Spring is here and with it begins the swimming season of your pool. In torontopoolsupplies.ca, we offer all our products in addition to our experience and professionalism to help you enjoy your pool to the fullest. We also deal in Hayward heater parts.

The 3 types of pool cleaners and robots:

1. Aspiration Robots: 

These are the simplest and the most economical. The system is very simple. These are connected via a hose directly to the pool cleaner path of our pool. These types of devices are not intelligent in that they clean the pool randomly.

That is, they randomly pick up the pool without acknowledging that any piece has already been cleaned. Therefore, they can go through the same site already cleaned. At the same time, a small disadvantage is that the dirt sends it directly to us and accumulates in the pool filter so we must clean it.

 - Membrana or Suction Cup: which are rubbing the floor of the pool.
 - Those of Attraction: they carry wheels (sometimes with chains).

 2. Electric Robots: 

There are several manufacturers and major brands. But mainly and the great variation between these pool cleaners is that some clean the entire floor and others usually clean and walls. 

Yes, they clean up the walls. These are somewhat more expensive than the previous ones but the great advantage is that they are autonomous and do not dirty the filtration of the pool. The crap of our pool is concentrated and collected in its filter.

Pool ionizer system usually have 2 programs: one short and one long. The short one of approximately 1 hour while the long program usually last between 2 and 2.5 hours.

Robot cleaning smart pools: placing the pool cleaner in the center of the pool, it calculates the width and length of the pools and automatically begins to move around the pool without leaving any corner.

3. Impulsion robots: 

These robots are also connected to the pool cleaner socket. But, in this case of sucking through the pool cleaner, what it does is to propel water using an autonomous pump. 

What is achieved is that the robot is glued to the usual and is collecting the crap through the body of the device until a bag is reached. Which, subsequently, cleaning is very simple since it is removed and emptied. They are also able to climb walls and the price is medium: they are between electric robots and vacuum robots.

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