5 Good Reasons to Drive Manual

Posted by Joseph Franks on February 20th, 2020

Automatic cars are great, owing to the easier and smoother driving experience. All modern cars come with automatic transmission, so it is no wonder that the new generation does not appreciate the old-fashioned vehicles. On the other hand, manual cars are not obsolete and the skill required to operate them is an art on its own.

Here are 5 valid reasons to opt for manual transmission:

1)    It’s Safer

The operation of a manual car seems complicated, which is in fact a good thing. DUI Defense Attorney in Cook County, IL claims that drunk driving arrests reached their peak right after automatic vehicles became mainstream. Automatic cars became commonplace in the 1980s and that is also the time when the highest number of DUI cases were recorded in the U.S. Coincidence? I think not. Young adults are responsible for majority of car accidents today, and 80% of them do not know how to drive stick.

It is safe to say that a person who feels even slightly out of mind will not attempt to drive a manual car. Apparently, driving manual requires greater focus and vigilance as compared to automatic transmission. It is easy to get distracted in one of the latest automatic cars because they allow a driver to multitask. Almost every young driver on the road is either using their smartphone or eating behind the wheel. With manual cars, you need to use both hands most of the time. As a result, drivers refrain from getting preoccupied and keep their eyes on the road.

2)    It’s Cheaper

Brand new cars are certainly sleeker, faster, and energy efficient but old school classics have an unbeatable charm as well. If you are looking for a second hand model, opt for manual transmission because outdated automatic cars are not cost effective. Manual cars are usually cheaper to purchase and maintain. They were made with more durable materials, which were meant to last a lifetime. Spare part replacement in new cars can cost thousands of dollars, and are comparatively fragile. You can travel an excessive amount of miles with a manual machine before you need to pay a visit to a mechanic.

3)    You’ll become a Better Driver

As manual driving demands greater concentration, your reaction time improves and you will become more aware of your surroundings. If you start with manual transmission and ace it, you are prepared to drive every kind of automobile. However, if you only learned automatic, driving manual for the first time can be scary.

4)    Enables Low Profile

At present, a manually operated car is not an attractive entity, so not many are willing to steal or borrow it. Most young drivers do not even know how to drive manual, so you can keep your car to yourself. No more annoying friends or immature cousins asking for your keys!

5)    A Useful Addition to Your Resume

You never know when an extra skill may come in handy, so never say no to learning something new. You might have to rely on a manually operated vehicle in a case of emergency or while running an important errand for someone else. Imagine yourself in an action movie scenario where a manual car is your only escape from doom. The possibilities are endless…

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