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Posted by hellensmith on April 28th, 2012

Dental anxiety or dental phobia is not very uncommon. In spite of knowing the importance of regular dental checkups; most of us avoid visiting our dentist. Dental treatments often hurt. Sedation dentistry is the answer to that problem. Your Austin dentist will give use pharmalogical agents and calm you down before starting the treatment. This field of dentistry ensures that the patients get a calm and anxiety free treatment session and do not suffer from dental phobia. Sedation dentistry aims to do increase patient visits for dental checkups. It will encourage people to go for routine checkups and take good care of oral health.

Sedative drugs used include tranquilizers, depressants, anti-anxiety medications, nitrous oxide. The most common method used earlier was via intravenous injections. But, nowadays dentists opt for no-needle methods such as inhalation of nitrous oxide. Sedation dentistry has become very popular in the United States and Canada. Since, it involves no needles; more and more patients are encouraged to visit their dentists without being afraid of getting hurt. Look for an Austin dentist who performs sedation before a procedure. However, the patients are not made completely unconscious. A level of consciousness is maintained so that the patient can be safe as well as co-operate. The senses in the tooth and gums are numbed so that you cannot feel any pain during the treatment.

You will be given IV sedation if you do not want to feel any part of the procedure. If you just need to relax your nerves and calm down the anxiety; you will be given a laughing gas inhalation. Sedation dentistry is for those people who have a very low threshold for pain. Patients who are suffering from mental illness should also opt for it.  If you need to undergo a complex tooth extraction; the procedure will probably be extremely painful. Sedation does not let you feel the pain while your tooth is being extracted. People with control and trust issues should not opt for it. You must not opt for it just because your Austin dentist is forcing you too. If you fear drugs or do not like to be sedated, do not go for this method.

Sedation dentistry is most beneficial for people who are scared of undergoing dental procedures. Under sedation you will feel that the procedure lasted only a few minutes. Complex dental procedures will seem a lot easier to undergo.  This type of dentistry is also referred to as sleep dentistry. But, do not be mislead by the term. You are given a sedative so that you feel sleepy. You are awake throughout the procedure but will feel very relaxed.

Look for an Austin dentist who specializes in dentistry under sedation. The dentist must have enough experience in conducting such procedures. You should also find out if your insurance covers for the treatment. Before visiting the dentist, make sure you have compiled the documents of your medical history. Next time when going for periodontal disease treatment opt for sedation dentistry and do away with the fear of visiting your dentist regularly.

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