Benefits Of Using a Pop Up Wall For Your Next Trade Show

Posted by Best Trade Show on February 20th, 2020

Attending trade shows and exhibitions can help you gain exposure that will lead to an increase in brand awareness. No matter how great booths your competitors may have, you still can compete with them. You just need to use the right pop up walls and all your prospects will come running to your booth. Here are the benefits that you get from investing in those display walls.

1. They are portable
While choosing promotional tools, it is important to gauze its capabilities. The most amazing benefit of pop up walls is the ease of portability they offer. The display can be easily packed and carried with a bag that comes with it. Other print ads are quite complicated and create a mess such as flyers, which can easily scatter. Unlike the big banners, pop up walls do not require the use of equipment like ladder, nails, and hammer. It is easy to assemble and disassemble them.

2. They can be reused
Whether its a trade show or an exhibition, you can use your pop up displays anytime you want. With a tight budget, it is very unlikely of you to go for single-use tools. You can tweak your pop up walls to reflect the theme of each event. you just have to adjust them to match the event settings and they are all set to be used again. If you opt for high-quality tools in the beginning, you can use them for years. This is a good factor to invest in pop-up walls.

3. They are cost-effective
The cost of pop up walls varies but they cost average. The cost may depend on your budget. It is easy to find something that will fit your budget. It may take some time initially to find the right resources but eventually, you will. These walls can make your trade show space pop up without making a hole in your pocket and which is an accomplishment on its own.

4. They are versatile
These display walls are versatile and can be customized. This is another great benefit that you get by investing in them. You can customize them as per the needs of your business. The different sizes and designs available, offer solutions to all your problems. You can opt for anything that suits your trade show needs.

5. They require less space
You do not get much space at an exhibition stand and the more space you need the more money you will have to spend. Therefore, to maximize the space, you need to make sure that your promotional mediums do not take much space. This is where the pop-up walls come. They are high and do not require much space. Just make sure that your display wall is placed in a way that is visible and clear from a distance.

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