Out of the Country and Into Cyberspace: Adam Eli Clark’s Journey from Small Coun

Posted by rohny01 on February 20th, 2020

Young Australian Based Entrepreneur Adam Eli Clark, Founder of FOUR AM

Growing up in a rural town can lead many to a dead-end: dead-end job, monotonous routines, and rigid pre-determined paths, all to ultimately remain in – or return to – the same old town. Not Adam! What could have ended up being the story every rural kid can relate to, being stuck in their tiny hometown, turned out quite differently due to Adam’s driven entrepreneurship and admirable work ethic.

Now the owner of an Australia-based 7-figure digital marketing agency, FOUR AM,  Adam Eli Clark  identifies himself as a “chronic entrepreneur.” He started his digital marketing legacy at the young age of 16 years old – when he realized he had to take his dreams by the reigns in order to fully utilize his professional talents.

Taking a keen interest in the fitness industry, Adam stepped into the social media marketing scene by reaching out to as many companies in the industry as he possibly could. He contacted business owners and built relationships with many fitness gurus over Facebook. Soon after, Adam got his shot to showcase his social media networking skills in an unpaid position doing online marketing via Instagram and similar platforms.

Over time, Adam was awarded additional responsibilities in the company. That is, up until 2015 when he took the biggest risk of his career by uprooting his life from his small-town beginnings and heading overseas to join a fitness start-up as an intern. Not long after Adam joined their team, the small business landed a one-million-dollar investment, and later grew to be one of the world’s largest independent fitness clothing brands, Fitwear. Staying true to his long-held networking skills, Adam remained a part of the business as a shareholder until it was ultimately sold.

Founder of Fitwear Simon Phillips with Business Partner Adam Eli Clark.

Over the years Adam gained even more experience in the world of digital marketing and social networking. Through his work at Fitwear, Adam was able to strengthen his skill set, developing abilities such as how to wear many hats in business and facing professional adversity.

All of Adam’s experiences – as a Marketing Director at Fitwear, Co-Founder of sjpmedia.co, and now the Founder and Managing Director of FOUR AM – along with his tenacity and hunger for success, drove him to establish his digital marketing agency, FOUR AM. FOUR AM works primarily with large corporate firms, coaching staff on the power of social media in marketing. The agency also provides corporations with the tools to drive organic traffic to their businesses and websites by managing targeted lead generation campaigns.

Adam Eli Clark via Instagram (@adameliclark)

Even now, Adam continues to branch out in his professional skillset: He is currently developing both YouTube and Podcast content which will feature “behind the scenes” looks at his methods of growing business’ revenue, providing marketing advice, and much more.

Adam’s story is one of understanding the power a person holds within themselves and the remarkable levels of success one can achieve when that power is pushed to its limits. Follow Adam’s work and begin your own story in the world of entrepreneurism.

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