Air Compressor Industry Application Introduction

Posted by sere on February 20th, 2020

Short introduction of air compressor business program

V&T has extensive expertise in air compressor fitting and transformation. V5-H frequency converter was applied to national mainstream air compressor makers in batches. The business has made an integrated invisibly controller cupboard for its frequency inverterconversion of the air compressor business, which makes the transformation much more convenient and quicker, and the total price is lower. The inverter, pressure sensor and engine shape a closed-loop continuous voltage controller system. The working stress value can be directly determined by the performance panel. The area stress is detected by the detector and transformed into a 4~20mA current sign. Proximity into the inverter, the inverter is calculated and compared from the built-in PID to correct its output to attain the objective of continuous pressure air distribution and energy conserving of this air compressor. Frequency conversion energy saving functionality is:

1) The frequency converter corrects the gas flow rate by adjusting the rotation rate of this engine, so the output of the engine is determined by the flow requirement, maintaining the high efficacy of the engine, higher power factor, little reactive energy loss, and apparent power saving impact;

2) Designed according to rigorous EMS criteria, high-speed and low-consumption IGBTs and efficient vector control algorithms decrease harmonic distortion of V&T inverters and engine power reduction; 3) Automatic rapid sleep makes the lifeless time briefer. The engine is totally stopped and the electricity is stored to the maximum extent. No effect start and very low frequency and big torque features make sure that the inverter can start and stop at any moment.

◆ Inverter choice

Air compressor (like other compressors) its loading attributes, is a continuous torque heavy-duty gear, the inverter should be chosen V5-H string, the engine power is under 75KW, the energy of this inverter is chosen one-to-one; the engine For equipment using a power of over 90 kW, when picking the energy of the inverter, it ought to be one degree higher than the engine power.

V&T may also supply V5-J integrated energy-saving control closets which encourage sonic conversion, which can be suitable for frequency conversion renovation jobs. It keeps the interface and facilitates potential upkeep and upkeep.

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