IPE Wood Is a Sound Home Decking Solution

Posted by Deck Builders Depot on February 20th, 2020

Decking is one of the best solutions for homeowners that are looking for a comfortable outdoor seating environment. It can enable individuals to sit outside the home to enjoy plenty of activities that enhance pleasure and happiness. However, when it comes to build a deck it is vital to consider the superior wood in order to gain strength and finish for the deck floor. IPE wood is the top-rated timber that is perfectly suitable for the home decking solutions when it comes to building a space around swimming pools, saunas, and hot tubs. It is a valuable investment that will prove worthy for the homeowners.

A rot resistant deck wood:

IPE is usually pronounced as EE-pay and is one of the highly recommending woods by the professional decking contractors. It is especially known for its great moisture resistant properties that make it a perfect choice to install a deck near the humid places like pools and saunas. Due to its natural resistance to mould and insect invasion it can stay in good condition for a longer period and provide you with the comfortable and solid outdoor seating arrangement. An untreated IPE wood can withstand the rainy weather and snow and can last up to 40 years with minimal to no maintenance.

High-end durability:

As a homeowner, if you are looking for a tough solution to build an outdoor deck for your home then IPE timber is the optimum solution that you can consider. It has the highest janka hardness rating than other types of woods that make it a perfect decking solution to get long-lasting durability. The IPE decking suppliers also admit its strength and sturdiness and they recommend the homeowners to use it because it can last for several years than other woods. By choosing this wood for home decking, you can get a deck surface that is naturally resistant to fire, mildew, and insects.

Offer cool deck surface:

The deck is the most preferred outdoor seating place in the summer days and many homeowners prefer to spend warm evenings sitting outside on the deck to enjoy food and drinks. But, having a deck that has a hotter surface will not provide comfort while pleasuring yourself during an evening so it can prove a worthless investment. On the other hand, IPE will keep the surface cool in the summer evenings because it is heat resistant so you will not have to burn your feet while sitting in a relaxed position on the deck.

Easily available:

IPE timber is also known as Brazilian walnut which is a hardwood to use for building outside decks. It is available in a broad range of exotic colors that range from reddish-brown, tan, olive, and dark brown. You can get the IPE deck boards from the certified IPE decking suppliers and can install a deck of your dreams that will complement the exterior of your home and will also boost the market value of your home in the real estate industry.  

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