Color selection for automobile fog lamp for car

Posted by hw on February 21st, 2020

Automobile fog lamp for car as an indispensable part of the automobile lighting system, even in the rain and fog weather can play an important role in lighting, there are a variety of automobile fog lamp styles and colors on the market, then what color should we choose the fog lamp?

What color lamp is the human eye most sensitive to?

The lamps installed in cars are designed to be alert, so it makes sense to find out what color of light the human eye is most sensitive to. The optic nerve has different sensitivity to different wavelengths of light. It is the most sensitive to green light, while the least sensitive to red and blue light. Based on the experimental results, the international commission on illumination (CIE) has determined the relative sensitivity of the human eye to various wavelengths of light, known as the spectral optical performance or visual function.

Why do fog lamp for car use yellow instead of red?

In the case of bright vision, that is, when the brightness is greater than 3cd/m2, the sensitive wavelength of the human eye, that is, the corresponding wavelength of the peak optical efficiency of the spectrum is 555nm, which belongs to yellow-green light.

In the case of dark vision, when the brightness is less than 0.001 CD /m2, the sensitive wavelength of the human eye is at 507nm.

Yellow wavelength: 540~600nm.

Green wavelength: 495nm~540nm.

Cyan: 460 ~ 495 nm.

So what fog lamp USES is yellow light, it is very reasonable. So why are the brake lights red? That is the red for human dangerous meaning, in fact the human eye is not sensitive to it.

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