The 5 Hallmarks of a Good Will Lawyer

Posted by smith clea on February 21st, 2020

If you have money, property, and assets, you should consider setting up a last will and testament. Wills are very popular estate planning documents that help you preserve your legacy by passing on your prized possessions to your family and loved ones.

They can also be used to assign guardians to take care of your kids if you have children under the age of 18. Estate planning is complex and finding a good will lawyer is really important because you are entrusting them to ensure that you have a legally binding document in place to protect your family.

Understanding the 5 hallmarks of a good will lawyer will help you in your search to find a professional to help you draft your last will and testament.

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  1. Work To Understand Your Needs And Goals

Everyone’s goals are different. Family dynamics and asset portfolios differ from person to person and a good will lawyer understands this. As a result, a good attorney will listen your goals to and draft your will accordingly. It’s important to get a good sense that your attorney is invested in creating a unique will for you and not just a generic one-size-fits all plan.


  1. Generous With Advice

Some attorneys are very economical with their words. If you don’t ask them a question, they won’t give you an opinion. While that may be useful in certain situations, it is not a quality you should be looking for in a will attorney.

You should look for a lawyer who gives you advice like a trusted would. They should be willing to offer advice and best practices while communicating how your will can protect you and your family.  

  1. Focused On Will and Trust Law

Will and trust law is a very specific area of practice. Many people think all lawyers practice the same type of law, but this isn’t true. There are many different areas of practice that different lawyers focus in.

For example, criminal law, disability, will and trust law, etc. By making sure that you have picked an attorney who focuses in will and trust law, you increase the likelihood that you will get a quality will drafted to help avoid potential future headaches.

  1. Clean Bar Record

As great as the person may be in terms of personality, empathy, and compassion, if they have problematic statements in their bar record, you will be fully justified in cutting them out of your decision making process. While this is not a perfect indicator of competence, this is a solid minimum level of professional qualification.

If they have a negative bar record, you should try to find another attorney.

  1. Client Reviews

Just like any other service, you should look at reviews. This will help you to get a picture of what it would be like to work with them.

If you can’t find any on the internet, it doesn’t mean the attorney isn’t good, they just may not be that technically savvy. In this case, you may have to speak with the attorney to see if you like them and to get a good sense of their qualifications.

The 5 hallmarks of a good will lawyer can really help you search for a professional to help you draft your will. Getting a last will and testament done is important and it’s worth taking your time to select the right attorney with good qualifications that you feel good working with.

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