Decorative application effect of marble tiles

Posted by aihw on February 21st, 2020

Home use

The current marble tiles are not only a decorative material, it is more often considered as a work of art in home decoration. In home decoration, its figure appears in various home occasions, throughout the entire home life, exuding a fashionable temperament all the time, showing that the living room is elegant and elegant, exquisite and extraordinary, fresh and elegant, solemn.

Engineering application

Nowadays, marble tiles achieve the perfect combination of "realistic effects of marble" and "superior performance of ceramic tiles" through the unremitting pursuit of realistic decorative effects and technological innovation. In addition, natural marble is a limited natural resource. It has various natural defects such as large color difference, many defects, easy water seepage, difficult care, high price and long supply cycle. Therefore, marble tiles have gradually been used by more and more construction units and engineering parties.


As a new type of dry hanging curtain wall material—marble tile, it stands out from many materials because of its realistic effect of marble and the superior performance of tiles. In terms of installation and construction, there are also many dry-hanging products developed specifically for marble tiles on the market. The technology uses mature back-bolt dry-hanging, which is very safe and convenient. It can guarantee the quality stability of the product and meet the standards. At the same time, it can meet the mass production, ensure the stability of the supply, and avoid the problem of color difference in natural stone. More importantly, the use of marble tiles can greatly save project costs.

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