Why to Choose React Native and Ionic Developers?

Posted by Inceptive Technologies on February 21st, 2020

Building a progressive app or a mobile app is centerstage in 2020. Mobile penetration has taken over desktop, a couple of years ago and most of today’s surfing happens on the mobile. In fact, an average consumer in the West uses his mobile for 2 hours 51 minutes every day(Source: Leftronic). 

This has pushed the case to have a mobile first or a Progressive Web App strategy for today’s business as today’s consumer is accessing the Internet on the move and during his spare time and this is done predominantly via his smartphone.

React Native Development

How do a business take advantage of this vast market that keeps increasing year on year? The first step is to have a web presence to cover the basics. Post this first step, your web presence on social media helps. Depending on your business, a mobile app helps to be a companion to your website or brick and mortar store for new business and consumer engagement. A mobile app for a local ice cream shop in the US helped that business to get repeat orders, send marketing notifications and build and engage to his customer base…and we built this for a small brick and mortar ice scream shop! 

Such turnarounds help business to build the case for having a mobile presence. An app built for both Android and iOS helps you to capture all that is needed for turning the game in your favour. You can do this by going native or hiring a hybrid solution developer in React Native or Ionic to build your mobile app.

We have been pioneers in building hybrid apps when we first started with Ionic, helping our customers to save money by using one code base to serve both the Android and iOS platforms.

Today we recommend moving to React Native for new mobile apps as the platform is fast growing with new plugins and faster development time, which ultimately reduces the turnaround time for development; money saved which can be used for marketing and sales!

Ionic Development

Hiring a React Native or Ionic developer should be done by evaluating past work and their ability to understand your business and suggesting the right platform to use, depending on the solution needed to be built.

Talk to us to know how Inceptive Technologies can help you in your process to hire a React Native or Ionic developer. Our work on React Native and Ionic has been going on for the past few years. Some of the notable apps that we have made in React Native are Bird Call Xeno, an internal app for Airtel, Clean Toilet Finder India and in Ionic, we have built apps such as HeyBor! which was showcased on the Ionic framework’s website. 

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