What Are The AngularJS Developer Responsibilities & Avg Salary In India?

Posted by cyber success on February 21st, 2020

Having a good user experience is the cornerstone of the success of any application thus placing a lot of weight on the front end developer. They need to make sure that everything looks and works great with the back end while not draining a lot of resources. While there are many frameworks that help in front-end development, AngularJS stands out as one of the best ones because of its useful features and thus provides a lot of opportunities for jobs.

Our Angularjs training institute in Pune will provide all the necessary training to shape your career as a front end developer using AngularJS. Before considering what are the responsibilities of AngularJs Developers and their average salary, let us have a basic understanding of what AngularJs is and what it does.

What is Angular JS

AngularJs is a Javascript-based open-source framework that is mostly used in building Single page web applications. It uses MVC architecture which refers to the Model–View–Controller in which logic, data, and presentation are separated into different layers so that they can be easily managed. It lets users extend HTML’s syntax to express the components clearly and briefly and helps to create Rich Internet Applications. AngularJs is built not only for assisting in development but also for testing.

It is the Front End part of the MEAN stack which consists, other than AngularJS, MongoDB, Express.Js, and Node.Js which is all collectively used for building dynamic web applications.

It was introduced in 2009 and is now being maintained by Google and the vast community of AngularJs.

Our AngularJs course in Pune is designed to teach AngularJs from the core so that you will have a solid foundation to build the knowledge upon.

Responsibilities of Angular JS Developer

Knowing what responsibilities that AngularJS developers have are important as it will help new developers understand and assess themselves onto where they stand. The general responsibilities of an AngularJS developer include:

  • To Deliver a complete front end application
  • Conducting performance tests and ensure that the performance is high on both mobile and desktops
  • Writing Documented and tested JavaScript, HTML and CSS Code and Providing support
  • Coordinate with designers and back end developers
  • Make technical and design decisions for Angular JS projects

As you can see, in order to carry out these responsibilities, both technical and non-technical skills are required. One of the most important skills is, of course, Having Knowledge of AngularJs and common practices. You need to create self-contained, well documented and testable modules (which is mostly tested by yourself). At times, you are also needed to provide SEO solutions to the single page web applications you create.

After having a good experience, you are also required to make decisions for the projects you are working on so you need to have good analysis skills of both requirements and the feasibility of them. Our AngularJs classes in Pune imbue you with the skills required for successfully completing AngularJs projects. It also teaches basic knowledge of other frameworks because you have to work with other people and also technologies. These are the best angularjs classes in Pune with placement which makes sure you land in a good job easily.

Salary of AngularJs Developer in India 

The salary of an AngularJs developer varies depending on the role, experience, and organization. In general, one could expect an annual salary of Rs.4.5 Lakh for an average AngularJS developer in India.

Though one could not expect a high salary for a fresher, having a lot of skills and good knowledge will certainly help you. As this is a certification course, you will get a certificate at the end of this course which you can use to show that you are a professionally trained AngularJs Developer and thus could expect a high start salary.

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