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Posted by mustak on February 21st, 2020

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When you look at people with dogs and how they interact with their dogs, you would think that getting the dog to know its name is an easy task. Dog owners will just call out the dog's name and the dog will give its attention to the dog owner. However, with puppies, especially the one that you have just got, does not know that they have a name and there is no reason to respond to the "name" that you chose, at least not yet.

Getting a puppy to recognize its name is the first basic step to any forms of Free Puppy Training. What you will be trying to train the puppy to do is to get into the habit of focusing its attention onto you, as well as responding to you when you require your puppy to do so. Once you have trained your puppy to give you its attention, you can then build on it and proceed with other forms of puppy obedience training, puppy housebreaking training, puppy crate training etc.

An ideal place to start the training session will be in a quiet place with as little distraction as possible. This could be the kitchen, living room, a small secluded section in your yard or the garage. Keep a handful of your puppy's favorite treats near you. Make sure there are no toys, whistling kettles, blaring radios or TV program on.

Step 1

Make some noise so that your puppy looks your way. As soon as your puppy turns and look at you, reward him with a friendly, upbeat "Yes!" and give him a little treat. Allow the puppy to wander off a little distance away. Repeat this 2-3 times so that your puppy associates him giving you attention with a nice treat.

Step 2

Building on to step 1, you are going to make some noise and bring the treat near your eye. The puppy will most likely look at the treat instead of you. With the treat held at your eye level, it encourages the puppy to look at your eyes. Once the puppy makes eye contact with you, reward him with the same friendly "Yes!" and give him the treat. Allow the puppy to wander off. Repeat this 2-3 times too.

Step 3

Now that your puppy knows that he will be getting a treat when he makes eye contact with you, its time for the puppy to learn its name. Call out the puppy's name in a happy tone and wait for your puppy to look your way. Similar to step 2, the treat is at the level of your eye. Once the puppy responds and makes eye contact, same friendly "Yes!" and give the puppy the well-deserved treat. This is then repeated 2-3 times as well. If you call out the puppy's name at least twice and it does not look at you, stop calling the puppy's name and go back to step 2. This is so that you do not use the puppy's name too frequently and have the puppy filter it out as some noise that can be ignored.

Step 4

Move to another corner/spot. Repeat step 3 a few times. End the training session by giving your puppy a good rub or lots of praising and petting to let your puppy know that it has done a good job.

Overall, you should be spending about maximum 15 minutes on this exercise and repeat this exercise a few times and at different quiet locations throughout the day to have your puppy learn its name. Always end on a positive note with each training session. Never ever call your puppy's name to punish your puppy in any way. In addition, be consistent with the name you use, instead of using name variations (e.g.: Frank in one session, Frankie in another session). Your puppy will get confused and all your training will go down the drain.

After a few days, you will notice that whenever you call your puppy's name, your puppy is excited and happy and looks your way. You can then slowly move off the treats and reward with praises, affectionate petting, a good scratch etc so that the puppy's name is associated with all things that makes the puppy happy and comfortable, rather than just treats. Remember, consistency and patience are the keys to successful Puppy Obedience Training.

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