10 Mukhi Rurdaksha Certified

Posted by PanditNMShrimali on February 21st, 2020

10 Mukhi Rudraksha signifies the Gods of all the ten directions and the wearer gets blessed by these Deities. The ten faces Rudraksha have ten natural lines on its surface Gods of all the 10 directions. This Rudraksha also protects us from the sin done by the 10 organs of our body. As this 10 Mukhi is ruled by Lord Vishnu, so it signifies Lord Krishna, the Eight Avatar of Lord Vishnu, who is the protector of the whole world. 10 Mukhi Rudraksha has the supremacy of Lord Dashavatara Narayan with the avatar of Lord Krishna and their blessings help the wearer to conquer difficulties and protect the wearer and the blessings of all these deities will be shown on the wearer.

10 Mukhi Rudraksha mostly imported from Nepal and is highly beneficial and has healing properties and belongings. 10 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha has plenty of positive energy and beneficial power. Ten Mukhi Rudraksha is not lined by any planet but is controlled by all planets.

10 Mukhi Rudraksha protects the wearer from the negative and bad effects of all planets and other negative energies mostly surrounded persons. It supports the person to overcome difficult times, problems, harms, hardship and to achieve success in life. It helps the wearer to move in the right and correct direction of life. To eliminate all the negative and bad energy from human life, it is highly recommended for the persons who have been experiencing a very bad phase in life. It sublimates the malefic effects of planets and evil powers and controls. The enemy gets fearful, terrible and you get the support of nature by wearing this Rudraksha. It supports to improve the business, market and job seeker can easily get different jobs.

10 Mukhi Rudraksha has huge benefits such as medical, psychological, physical and many other general benefits and profits. It supports the wearer to have strong will power and finally, it makes one energetic. It helps you to get rid of all kinds of evil energy and forces. Those people who are simply affected by Black Magic and those people who are suffering from sudden anger bursts must be worn this 10 Mukhi rudraksha. Those people who are not able to get a sound and peaceful sleep as well as decide a right and correct direction for their life should also wear this 10 Mukhi Rudraksha.

Presiding Deity: Vishnu

Beej Mantra: Om Hreem Namah

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