Airport trolleys also have a restricted area?

Posted by sere on February 21st, 2020

At Shenzhen Airport, in order to meet the different needs of passengers, different types of trolleys are provided, including large trolleys, small trolleys, children's strollers, and strollers.

Among them, large trolleys can be pushed out of the quarantine area and used in areas such as the terminal quarantine area, GTC (ground transportation center), and airport parking lots, making it easy for passengers with large luggage to take taxis, buses, subways and other transportation ;

Small trolleys, strollers, and strollers can only be used in the quarantine area. Large trolley Areas of use: Departure platform on the fourth floor of the terminal, the side of the driveway, the departure hall on the fourth floor (except the security check area), domestic and international arrival baggage pickup areas, domestic and international arrival pick-up halls, ground transportation centers and parking lots. Small trolley Children's car, stroller Areas for use of small trolleys and baby strollers: domestic and international departure quarantine areas in the terminal, domestic and international arrival quarantine areas (arriving passengers who need to use a trolley outside the quarantine area, need to change to a large trolley at the exit of the arrival hall) Children's car use area: the third floor of the terminal (domestic departure isolation zone) In order to make it easy for passengers to pick up trolleys at the Shenzhen Airport anytime, anywhere, airport staff needs to do a lot of behind-the-scenes maintenance and support work, including trolley collection, sorting, and sorting. It's okay, as long as passengers feel convenient and satisfied, it is the greatest encouragement to the airport partners! On Weibo, many passengers who have used the trolleys at Shenzhen Airport praised them. 'Neat, humane and convenient' is the common feeling of everyone .

Although the service is good, everyone needs to cooperate to observe the order. After reading these, I believe that the friends who know the truth will definitely use all kinds of trolleys in the future! Be sure to remember to distinguish the use area of different types of trolleys.

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