How to Choose the Correct Cat Scratching Post and Litter Crystals?

Posted by Brenda Ana on February 21st, 2020

A cat is a very big responsibility and it can cause a lot of damage to your house if you do not take any precautions. For this reason, you must acquire a cat scratching post and cat litter crystals. Each of them has a specific role and by using them you will be able to prevent a lot of damage that your cat may do to your house.

Cats have the instinct to scratch because that is how they sharpen their claws and this helped them survive for thousands of years. Even more so, if they do not sharpen them, their claws will continue to grow and that will harm their paws. This behavior is also used to mark its territory. So, your cat will scratch everything in your house for these reasons, that is why you need to find a solution. Most of the time, the best solution is a cat scratcher, but you must choose it well if you want to make sure that your cat will use it

Crystal litters are also the best alternative you can find that will resolve the physiological needs of your cat. They absorb the smell, are more durable than any other option, and it will cost you the least. A scratching post and the litters are absolutely necessary if you want to take good care of your cat without harm to your house.

What Type of Cat Scratching Post Is the Best One for Your Pet?

There a lot of scratching posts that are ignored by cats. There are many reasons why this happens, but there are some characteristics that a cat scratching post  must have to make your cat use it.

- Height. This is probably the most important factor. You may have observed that your cat likes to stretch while scratching. Many types of scratching posts are not tall enough. This is the exact reason why cats do not use them because they can’t fully stretch their body while using them.

- Steadiness. This is another problem that a post may have, it is not steady enough. If it wobbles while your cat uses it then it will instinctively feel that it is not safe and it will not use it again.

- Surfaces. Most posts have only one surface and your cat will get bored of it pretty soon. The best alternatives have a lot of surfaces with both the necessary height and length (which depend on how big your pet is).

Another important factor that you need to keep in mind is that cat litters are very important as well. Cat litter crystals can be you best choice because your cat will always use them. On the other hand, other alternatives do not have all the benefits offered by crystals and many of them will not even be used, if your cat will not like them

Why Are Cat Litter Crystals the Best Alternative?

There are many alternatives for  cat litter crystals , the two most popular ones are:

- Clumping clay. It is made from bentonite and it can absorb a lot of moisture. It has the advantage of being easy to clean but it is not biodegradable and it is very dusty.

- Recycled paper. The paper is transformed into different types of litters. It also absorbs a lot of moisture and, unlike the clay, it is biodegradable and you will not have problems with dust. But it does not take care of the smell.

Litter crystals are by far the best alternative. The crystals are actually very small silica beads. This makes them much more absorbent than the others and they also take care of the smell while also having all the other advantages as well.

The only disadvantage that it has is the price because, obviously, they are more expensive than any other alternative. But the durability and the quality make the investment worth it. So, if you want to offer to your cat and yourself only the best solutions then this is the one for you.

If you want to maintain a good relationship with your pet and not get angered every time the bad smell reaches your nose and when you see your scratches on your furniture then crystal litters and a good cat scratching post are the best solutions for you. The best place from where you can acquire them is online because there you can see a lot more options. Also, the time you need to spend is very little.

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