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Posted by jackbandy on May 6th, 2012

 If you have a barking dog than you should teach him somehow not to bark all the time. Barking dogs can be a problem for you and also for your neighbours. Choosing anti barking collars can be a must for you and for your dog. Citronella dog collars are very used in these situations because they release a citronella spray that is harmless for your dog. After a few times he receives the citronella spray he will certainly stop barking, at least for a period of time. The dog can quickly learn that barking is causing the unpleasant spray.
Training your dog to stop barking can be hard because you have to be always near your dog and tell him not to bark, but with anti barking collars it will be easier for you to train your dog. If you are staying in an apartment and you have to leave your dog alone home for several hours the dog can exasperate your neighbours barking all the time, but you won’t have this problem anymore with anti barking collars. If you want to train your dog you can purchase a training collar that is usually an electric collar.
A walk in the park can be impossible with barking dogs, but now you have a solution for this. If your dog is aggressive he will bark to other dogs or people, but you can make him stop barking if you train him well not to bark at people on the street or dogs. Now barking dogs are no longer a problem. Anti barking collars are very efficient and they do no harm to your dog. Citronella dog collars are quite cheap in comparison with other anti barking collars and you can refill them with citronella spray very easily. 
When you order a citronella dog collar you will receive also a citronella spray to easy refill the collar. Your dog has to learn that barking for no reason is not good, but this may take maybe months if you have a stubborn dog that doesn’t want to listen to you. A good training can teach your dog not to bark, but if you do not have enough time to do this, you can buy a model of anti bark collars. Your dog has to learn to bark at command, but this is not easy as it may look.
You can buy training collars and also anti barking collars from websites that commercialize these products at affordable prices. Before purchasing a collar you should know that not every dog can wear these collars. The citronella spray may affect the health of puppies if your puppy is under six months old or his weight is less than 3 kilos (6 pounds). You should read all the instruction before you put the collar to your dog, to be sure that you fit it correctly to the dog’s neck and that you get the right results.

Barking dogs can be a problem for you and also for your neighbours. Anti barking collars are very efficient and they do no harm to your dog.

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