What Drones Do Professionals Use?

Posted by Nabin Shaw on February 21st, 2020

Professionals use drones for a variety of reasons. Some businesses use drones for farming, construction, monitoring gas pipelines, measures how much gas is permitted into the atmosphere, monitor dumpsites and landfills, and much more.

What's a drone's purpose?

Drones are designed to take place of helicopters and airplanes. They also have additional features that planes and helicopters don't have. For instance, it's time-consuming and very expensive to have staff aboard a plane in the event of an emergency. The drone industry keeps growing and newer models are in the making which are in the experimental and research stages. The drones that are already here plays a big role in a variety of industries.

Here's a list of what drones professionals use

Class 1 Micro Mini or Small Drones

Military personal use these drones for computerized command, control communication, and information solution. Take off weight for these drones are 20kg with 12 hours of endurance and has a range of 90km. These drones can take flight from a ship deck and has the availability to land on water.

Class 11 (150-600kg) Tactical

Designed to be used in the Special Forces because it provides medium-range surveillance. It comes in handy when micro-UAV's are short and strategic UAV's plans fail. These drones are used on the ground mostly but also have the ability to fly on command and report data to military personal.

Class 111 (600kg) Strategic

Designed with medium altitude with long endurance that provides surveillance in a non-threatening environment. Give reports of threats and their positions. Many military personals have drone rental & training for new soldiers joining the force. All branches of the military can have drone rentals & training which are the Navy, Army, Marines, and Air Force.

What kind of drone weather stations use?

Nasa created the first unmanned aircraft in 1991. It was designed to fly 60,000 feet to collect data on weather patterns. Presently, meteorologists use drones to collect data in real-time which proves to be more effective. Meteorologists use miniature drones that weigh 55 pounds and the sensors that are built within collects data on humidity, temperature, and pressure. This type of data helps them predict the forecast.

Drones for Law Enforcement

DJ1 Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual Drone

This drone is equipped with cameras and state of the art technology which provides law enforcement information in a critical situation. This drone helps police officers, Special Tasks Force, FBI Agents, and other law enforcement agencies. This drone can help save lives in hostage situations, shoot-outs, kid-kidnappings, high-speed chases, fugitives, and other criminal activities.

Some drones are inexpensive and very expensive depending on the type of features within. Sometimes it's worth every penny because as technology continues to grow more and more lives can be saved. More missing children can be found, more criminals can be caught, and other criminal activity can be prevented. Accidents and car crashes happen all the time but sometimes drivers flee the scene. Cameras are known to catch criminals and it's still effective to this day. But drones are getting more and more popular and there at least 100 new ones coming out this year and it always an advancement.

Final Thoughts

As you can see why many professionals use drones. Not only law enforcement uses them to save lives but it helps predict the weather which can warn us if natural disasters are coming (hurricanes) and measure different elements of the environment to keep us all safe.

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