Clan MacDonald: History, MacDonald Tartan

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The Clan Donald’s (or Clan MacDonald) Scottish roots run deep — being the oldest and largest of all Scottish clans. For nearly 400 years, Clan Donald ruled the west highlands and the Hebrides — their land and power stretched so wide that it was only second to the Kings of Scotland and England. This gravitas gifted the Donald Clan Chief the title of Lord of the Isles (Triath nan Eilean or Rìgh Innse Gall in Scottish Gaelic).


The clan crest was a symbol of allegiance used by members to show loyalty to their clan chief. The Donald crest depicts a small, simple crown with an armored hand holding a cross. The clan motto “by sea and by land” acknowledges the clan’s island and seafaring roots and its mainland expansion goals.

Clan MacDonald or Clan Donald? Which is Correct?

This can be quite confusing, especially for people who may be new to discovering their clan heritage. People who have connections with the surname ‘MacDonald’ might wonder why, for instance, there is no ‘Clan MacDonald’ tent at their local clan gathering. The answer is simple — what you are looking for is ‘Clan Donald’

So why don’t we just change these pages to be ‘Clan Donald’? Well for precisely that reason — we know that the vast majority of our users may be discovering their clan heritage for the first time — if they are connected to the name ‘MacDonald’ that is what they will search for — and that’s where we are. But now you are here it is, of course, correct to refer to your CLAN as ‘Clan Donald’

How it all started?


Originally the MacDonalds were the Lords of the Isles but have since spread throughout the Highlands.

Clan Chief:

The current clan chief is Godfrey James Macdonald of Macdonald, 8th Baron Macdonald of Slate

Clan Donald Tartan

Clan Donald has over 40 tartans and many clan branches intricately connected to it. The clan’s eight main branches are Antrim, Ardnamurchan, Clanranald, Duunyveg, and the Glens, Glencoe, Glengarry, Keppoch, and Sleat.

What Colour is MacDonald tartan?

MacDonald Tartan. The MacDonald Clan tartan is dark green, navy blue, red and black. The modern, displayed here, is the main tartan for the Clan.

Where can Buy MacDonald Tartan

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