How to buy quality baby clothing?

Posted by hw on February 21st, 2020

I share some clothes that I think are easy to wear: 0-1 years old: The fabric is very important. It must be made of cotton or pure gauze. The color should be light and simple, because the more vivid the color, the more dye is used, and the workmanship must be fine. Do not wait for the wire. 1-3 years old: Children can walk and often take them out to play. The kind of clothes-purchasing rule that just seeks for feel and comfort is no longer appropriate. No one wants their children to wear a 'qiuyiqiuku' to go out and need to buy clothes that are obviously out. Here I recommend a brand called wellwide. Her family is specialized in 0-3 year old baby clothing. The clothes are relatively limited, but the price is very high. Remind moms that no matter what brand of clothes you buy, you must look at the ingredients, cotton! Cotton! This brand of clothing, especially for newborns, is soft and snug. After wearing it, the comfort of the baby is very good. The design style and practicality are also good.                 

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