Why is Cyber Awareness Training is important for your company?

Posted by Amit Roy on February 21st, 2020

It is essential for every employee of the business to be aware of the latest cybersecurity regimes which are considered for the survival in an industry ruled by others who thrive for better security. Everyone knows about how the lack of cybersecurity can have disastrous effects caused by hackers, such as identity theft and the reputation destroying hacks are one that is surrounding businesses almost every day. Organizations and companies thriving for better security through secured firewalls, comprehensive cybersecurity systems and implementing the sophisticated IT protocols to safeguard themselves from being hacked.

But what’s the real problem associated with Cyber Awareness Training? The thing is without the proper intervention of the cybersecurity awareness, neither of those protocols or expensive systems does much good to the company.

Last but not least, employees remain the weakest link in the field of cybersecurity though they are marked as the human factor. Major cybercrimes sprout up accessing the secure network by stealing data of the employees of the company such as login credentials and company’s critical info’s.

Benefits of Cyber Awareness Training

Do you know that more than 95% of cybersecurity breaches happen due to human error additionally 38% of global organizations can withstand against the sophisticated cyber-attacks and almost all other companies have seen attacks have grown over a last 12 months?

Nowadays, cyber attackers are seen taking the help of social engineering to manipulate victim of their choice, convince them to provide their private information for nefarious purposes. Whereas other methods include phishing techniques where unsolicited emails and links are distributed to the employees when they have login credentials mined. It is known that more than 90% of the cyber-attacks results are from phishing hence these types of attacks can only be stopped such as Cyber Awareness Training.

Besides malware remains a constant threat as people may tend to download apps or software which is designed to access the device unlawfully through the network. In order to safeguard your company’s data Cyber, Awareness Training should be imparted to the employees. Because employees of any company remain the first and primary line of defence against the crime. It appears that cybersecurity awareness training will empower knowledge of the workforce in an organization.

As far the security of the company is concerned employee with access to computer systems in an organization should undergo a cybersecurity awareness training program. If an employee did not meet the required guidelines then he may fall as a victim to theft identity.

Opting for best cybersecurity awareness training help your employee gain confidence over catching any type of scam over the internet. however, there are various things that need to be covered in best cybersecurity training such as:

Current attacks, attack red flags, defensive procedure, threat reaction plans.

cybersecurity and risk management helps the organization from being prey to recent criminal trends. In spite of the fact that the hackers are evolving with help of the fast pace technological boom so as the company has to match with the upgraded defence training in cybersecurity in order to safeguard the company from being hacked.

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