Vape Guide: What is a 510-thread cartridge?

Posted by Mich Filson on February 21st, 2020

The term 510 threaded is used to define the connecting thread between the batteries and the vape cartridges.  Usually, the length of the cartridge is 5 millimeters and ten screw threads, which clearly defines its notation 510. However, there exist configurations like 808 and others.

Please take note that a few batteries have both 510 threaded ends, as well as eGo threads, enabling the use of a wider range of canisters to enjoy cannabis. A few atomizers also use 510 threading and go by the name of 510 thread atomizers.

While vaping may be more synonymous with the intake of nicotine and extinction of smoking, it has made an easy path into the world of cannabis consumption.

Practically, vaping cannabis oil works similarly like vaping nicotine. The cannabis oil is attached to a canister, which is further connected to a battery. With a button press on battery, the THC-bearing oil gets heated and further vaporized, allowing the user to inhale the vapor following the usual process of entering the body through lung tissue.

When it comes to vaping equipment, quite a variety in terms of style and format are available in the market. However, 510 thread cartridges and atomizers have become the standard, especially for those who are new to the vaping world. 

Those who shop for smaller pen-style vaporizers that need small canisters, there will be ten screw threads connecting the battery to the oil container, and the length of the container will be five millimeters.

How does a 510-thread cartridge work?

Basically, e-cigarette consist of three main parts:

  • a battery, 
  • a nicotine cartridge
  • an atomizer.


The fundamental rule vape battery never exceeds the amps of battery. Take note of the mod charge and it is advised to use the recommended battery for the specific mod. It is advised to use a battery holder and refrain from carrying batteries lose in pockets. Batteries are likely to fail if they come in contact with keys or coins and may even leak or explode.  Also, it is highly recommended to not combine varied types of battery in the same device. The batteries must be charged safely, avoid leaving them unattended. The moment batteries are charged to full power remove them from the charger, else there exists a risk of battery failure.

Nicotine Cartridge

The 510 cartridge consists of:

  • mouthpiece
  • Small plastic or metal cup 

The cup is filled with sponge filler material, the steel wick from the atomizer contacts the filler material in the cup and draws the flavored THC oils towards the heating coil. The cartridge is designed wisely to concurrently send e-liquid into the atomizer while implying vapor to the mouthpiece of the cartridge.  

Also, there exists other types of eCigs wherein cartridges don’t carry filler materials. 


This is where the most action takes place. 510 thread atomizers are most commonly used for vape pens. There exists a heating coil Inside the atomizer compartment and above the heating coil resides the steel wick, which extends up to cartridge and used to draw the THC-oils to the heating coil, thus creating vapor.

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