Finding a Professional to Draft a Medical Power of Attorney Michigan

Posted by smith clea on February 21st, 2020

I’m sure you’ve stumbled across “free”power of attorney forms that you can download online. The questions are, is it the kind of medical power of attorney Michigan residents would actually trust? Sadly, for the most part, the answer is no.

A lot of these forms are generic and don’t provide legal protection in the state you live. Usually when you see a “free” form, its placed out there so that someone can get your email address to sell you something that isn’t free later.

Now the question becomes, how do you find the right professional to draft your power of attorney? How do you finda lawyer that focuses on the right type of law and writes medical powers of attorney in the State of Michigan all day, every day?

Here is a quick framework that you can use. It is by no means the only thing you can do.But at the very least very least, it gives you a place to start.

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Start With Clear Objectives

The first thing you should do is be as clear as you can possibly be about your objectives. What do you want this document to accomplish? What kind of interests are you trying to protect? What kind of worst-case scenario are you trying to prevent?

This is important because you will want to communicate these goals to an estate planning attorney. Why? Because most of the time people only have an understanding of wills, trusts, and powers of attorney based on word of mouth.

The problem with word of mouth is that the information can be incomplete or inaccurate. An estate planning attorney drafts medical powers of attorney for a living.

Communicating your objectives clearly to a profession allows them to give you the best advice possible on the proper document to help you achieve your goals.

Often time’s people think all they need is a medical power of attorney, when in reality they need much more, or they don’t need one at all. That is why it is best to speak with a professional about what you are trying to accomplish first.


Check With The State Bar

The website of the bar association in your state can be a really good resource to find information about medical powers of attorney. Additionally, they can give you referral information on estate planning attorneys in your state who can help you draft this type of document.

like Rochester Law Center Draft medical power of attorney in michigan

 One of the benefits of the state bar is that if they refer you to an attorney, you know they are in good standing with the bar association. It’s just a nice way of verifying that the attorney is qualified.

Visit an Attorney for an Initial Consultation  

To find an estate planning professional in your area, do a simple Google search. Check out some of the top websites of the lawyers. When you find one you like, schedule an initial consultation to speak with the attorney.

There is really no better way of finding out if a medical power of attorney is best for you. Because the attorney is a professional who is able to give you information specific to your situation.

Plus, if you like the lawyer you can have them draft your power of attorney after speaking with them.

Keep the tips above in mind if you are serious about finding someone to draft a medical power of attorney Michigan residents would trust. Making sure this document is done properly is very important.

Don’t forget to consult with an attorney to find out if a power of attorney is the right document for you.

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