How To Find Info on a Medical Power of Attorney Michigan

Posted by smith clea on February 21st, 2020

I’m sure you have seen all sorts of online forms advertising a free medical power of attorney. Please understand that if you are looking to get a medical power of attorney, a lot is at stake if it is written improperly. Your family may have to petition the court to make medical decisions on your behalf.

This can be a difficult and emotionally draining process during an already stressful time. The problem with online forms is that you don’t know who wrote them and you don’t know if they are valid in your state.

 If they aren’t and this is your only form of protection, this could create a nightmare scenario for you and your family.

But with so much information online, how do you know what to trust? Here are a few tips on how to find info on medical power of attorney Michigan residents would trust.

Check With Your Existing Lawyer

If you have worked with an attorney in the past, reach out to them to ask. Now, every attorney does not practice estate planning. This is a very specialized area of law practiced by estate planning attorneys.

While the lawyer you have worked with in the past may not be an estate planning attorney, they probably know a reputable one in the area.

 That’s because lawyers get a significant amount of business from referrals from other attorneys. It’s a common misconception that all lawyers practice the same type of law, so lawyers get calls for areas outside of their expertise all the time.

As a result, they usually have a large list of contacts for other lawyers in different areas of law.

 medical power of attorney

Get an overview with a general online search

Go to Google and do a general online search for information about a medical power of attorney. The key is to make sure you include the name of your state, like Medical power of attorney in michigan

Why? Because the laws that govern the validity of these documents change from state to state.

Something that may be valid in Ohio may not be valid in Michigan. Also, in some states, the same document has a different name. Make sure you are searching specific to your state.

This will probably also bring up a list of professionals in your local area who can help you draft one.

Contact the Bar  Association in your State

If you are looking for information and you want to make sure it is specific to your state, you can call the bar association. They are a good resource and may direct you to some reputable online info.

Additionally, they can refer you to professionals in the state who can help you write a medical power of attorney.

The benefit here is that the bar association only refers attorneys who are in good standing with the bar.

Schedule an initial Consultation with a Lawyer

The best way to get information that is specific to your case is to schedule an initial consultation with an estate planning attorney. That’s because they are able to cater the information specifically to your goals.

 If you have any outstanding questions that weren’t answered during your online research, this is a great time to get the peace of mind that you know the answer.

Keep the steps above in mind if you’re serious about finding the right information. Getting a professional to writea medical power of attorney Michigan residents trust is incredibly important because so much is at stake.

With so much conflicting information out there on the internet, it’s usually best to schedule an appointment to discuss with a lawyer,consult Rochester Law Center for estate planning attorney.

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