How to Set Up a Party Tent

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The most welcoming place for an anniversary, birthday or graduation is your own home. If you have a backyard and the weather looks promising, you could get away hosting the party on your own grounds! Using a party tent can help accommodate your guests with no fear of rain. Here are the steps you need to follow to set up a party tent.

Proper Location:

Tents need to picked right. Survey the area where your party is going to be held and measure its dimensions to get the right sized one. Also, see if the ground is level – you don’t want too many obstacles that can trip everyone head over heels. Also, soft grounds are the best for tents, preferably covered in sand or grass.

Types of Tents:

There are many different styles of tents available in the market. You can get pole tents, frame tents, high peaked frame tents, tents with side walls and pop up tents. Party Tent Rentals in Oahu and other areas are good for finding these.


You can choose to put up tents for a fraction of a day, say for a reunion dinner for the night. There are also many premium tents available in the market that are designed durable to withstand setup and dissembles multiple times a year. They can even stand for stretches of weeks at a time. There is a tent for every party, wedding, sports events, concerts, and graduations. Wedding Tent Rentals in Oahu are especially popular.

Laying of The Tarp:

After measuring and picking out your tent, you should draw a plan on how you wish to distribute the stakes and poles. You can get a rough idea for this by spreading your tarp around. Place heavy rocks and markers around the tarp’s perimeter to ensure that your tarp spreads taut and strong.

Assembling The Frame:

Your tent might possibly have instruction of some kind to follow to set it up. You may need to assemble the frame, attach the roof and the legs to the tent and frame. After your frame is ready, you can now throw your tarp over and secure it taut and tight. Pull it over every corner with even tautness.


You will now have to secure the tent by tying up the tarp to the stakes you have embedded into the soft ground. This will make sure that the tarp stays on strong through your family enjoyment. Many tents come with strings and straps already attached that helps you accomplish this quite easily.

Professional Help:

There are also many contractors who can help you in anchoring, setting up and tearing down tents. You may also be able to avail repairs for your tent to mend it back to good condition.

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