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Posted by Digital Marketeer on February 22nd, 2020

The company which helps in making excellent instruments for weak signal detection is the Sine Scientific Instrument. Advanced Analog as well as Digital technology Products are available with them. Empowered with many research scholars, SSI is the pioneer in the field of Physics, Microelectronics and Optics.

Applications Developed by SSI

The experts of this firm never give up. The major applications SSI works on are

  1. Optics: Many Applications are developed in the Laboratories like the Spectral Detection on Monochromator, Application of Lock-in Amplifier in infrared Spectrometer and so on.
  2. Electronics: Application in Electron beam measurement is a major effort by the team of experts.
  3. Low Impedance Measurement: Weak current measurement and determination of chemical resistance are major applications in this category

Apart from this SSI also does application experiments on Metal detectors, Eddy current testers and material tension test.

It can be understood that the most sought product is Dual Channel Lock-In Amplifier. This is special because of 2 signal generators and 2 independent input channels.

The multiple harmonic measurement is done through 3 MHz amplifier, whereas Multi channel devices are also available.

The Price Discovery

The periodic interruption of light beam called as the Optical Chopper is one of the major application products by SSI. The diverse knowledge of the team made this happen.


SSI has their labs in many places like the SYSU National Level Experiment Teaching Center of physics, SYSU State Key Laboratory for Photoelectric material and technology and also SYSU National education base for Microelectronics and integrated circuit talents.

All these labs are swarmed with highly qualified experts. Many applications are developed with more precision and need. The testing of all the products and applications happen simultaneously to restore it on a timely fashion.

SSI was the first to launch first Analog LIA for near infrared optical filming. This is a golden period for the technical firm. The highly digitized set up also made them develop a digital LIA shortly after that. The growth of SSI was steady and always comes up with innovative applications which the world needs.

SSI always participates in many technical conferences to show case the inventions. A team exclusively working on Material surface structures, found many things on tunneling effects. Drawing attention in many conferences and meetings, SSI always feels proud about the fact that they offer products at a lower rate compared to anyone in the market.

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