5 brain games to boost brain power

Posted by kellyburger on February 22nd, 2020

Games have been always the best way to boost up brainpower. In the 21st century, there came many online games. Playing has always been fun and if it benefits then it is the best way. Games like Sudoku to handheld games helps to provide many benefits. Whether be it old or be it young, games can be a way to improve mental functioning and can prevent brain aging.

Brain training games helps a person to improve memory, give a response in time, and logic skills. Let us discuss some of the games that help to boost brainpower.

1. Play Sudoku

In 2020, Sudoku can be found online to play. It has become a highly addictive game where the player has to place a number that relies on memory. To complete the game of Sudoku the player has to look ahead and follow trails of consequences.

For example, if the player puts 6 in the box, then the next number must be 8 and the other is 4. This playing helps a person to improve short-term memory and concentration. Like the crossword game, Sudoku can be played online or on a paper. There are many books that are available in many stores that help many websites to offer free Sudoku games. The level of Sudoku game has many difficulties. To start first you need to play easy games first and then learn the rules.

2. Lumosity: The brain game

This is another brain game that has been developed for brain training. Lumosity is one of the most developed brain training games and mental fitness games that helps to boost concentration. This is an online game where the player needs to sign up for a free account and offer three games per day. They also need to choose the subscription service. In both ways, you will be able to keep track of your results and improve them.

With the brain game Lumosity, the player will find out challenging level in the game. At each level of the game, you will find getting better scores along the way. These brain games are the fun intended games to train the brain in an exciting way. The activities that are present in the game helps the player to increase brain power.

3. Play Happy Neuron

Happy Neuron is another brain game that helps a person to work on boosting up the memory power. It is a website that has games and activities that are divided into five sections. The five sections are memory, attention, language, executive functions and visual. It is somehow the same with the game Lumosity where it personalizes the training to fit the player, tracking the progress and the games based on scientific research.

This game website does not come with a monthly subscription fee. This game offers a free trial for the players to explore the game.

4. My Brain Trainer

This is another brain game that claims the right to be an online brain game. The format of this game is similar to Lumosity and Happy Neuron. The three-month subscription costs the same as a month on the other services. The best annual subscription is the best deal. The player can also challenge the game for free as well.

 My Brain Trainer game has full of puzzles, and other challenges that help to improve mental health. This website recommends 10 minutes of brain training twice a day to have the best effects. This game has a basic training program that claims to improve mental speed.

5. Crosswords

Crosswords is a classic brain trainer game that helps to improve concentration. It helps the player to access not only verbal language but also the memory of a person in many dimensions of knowledge. The best thing about this game is that it can be played both offline and online.

If the player wants to play it in a classic way then they can pick up a newspaper or buy a book of crossword puzzles. The books are the best way to play this game because it remains always with the player and can be taken anywhere they want, even in remote areas.

Crosswords are a tough game that affects the mind a lot. It helps out to improve the concentration. It also helps to boost up the cognition of the brain. This game also helps a person to increase brain power.

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