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Jupiter Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

Posted by talktoastro123 on February 22nd, 2020

Jupiter Mahadasha's duration is of 16 years. Jupiter is the planet connected with wealth, money, fortune, spirituality and happiness in married life and general well being. It also represents the liver. The benefic placement of Jupiter in the chart means, the natives would live a wealthy life. 

Jupiter expands and develops the aspects of the area where it lies in the horoscope. People under the Mahadasa of Jupiter get progress in 

 business, psychology, spirituality, politics, administration, teaching, banking, lectureship, education, finance, jewellery, marriage counselling, loan, etc,

During the period of Jupiter Mahadasha Children also perform well, and there is an increase in the decision making power of natives, Jupiter gives blessing to native with enhanced judgment and wisdom and helps to achieve great heights in career too.

 This Mahadasa also improves your inclination towards religiosity and spirituality. It is also considered by warmth and improvement in relationships, especially married life. Here are the effects of several Antardasas of Jupiter.

Jupiter Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

Native put effort and wealth into pursuing religion and spirituality. 

 If the person follows the good karma and seeks spirituality then the person could experience a lot of name and position in society and get the blessings of Jupiter. 

This is a phenomenal period in terms of practising spirituality. A lot of spiritual travels and good activities take place. Children also live a happy life. Native enjoys a lot of knowledge and intelligence and gets a better place in a career. 

If Jupiter is malefic then this Mahadasha can also lead to disconnection from spouse. Problems with kids are also possible. Health problems can occur, especially related to the liver. Affliction may also lead to defaming and loss of wealth.

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