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Posted by BenMilo on February 22nd, 2020

What is an IEO? How is it different from an ICO?
ICO or Initial Coin Offering is one of the currently trending fundraising mechanisms among emerging business entities. But, IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) is positioned as the successor to ICOs. IEO is also a token sale, like an ICO, but is moderated entirely by a crypto exchange. To buy an IEO, an investor has to be a part of an exchange and can buy/sell using their registered account. Whereas, with ICOs, users can directly buy and pay to the owner through their wallet address. IEOs basically serves as a secure medium between the crypto projects and the investors. An IEO has many benefits involved. Let’s see what they are. 
How is an IEO useful? What are the benefits? 
  • Trust of investors - An IEO deals with only authentic exchange platforms, which ensures credibility and reliability to the investors and helps them with a secure business process.
  • Enhanced security - An IEO comes along with necessary regulations and KYC/AML verifications, which provides high-end security to the users. 
  • Elimination of scam possibilities - As mentioned earlier, an IEO is not anonymous or fake as it is combined with a legitimate exchange platform. Hence, there is no possibility of scams occurring. 
  • Increased exposure - Compared to other methods, an IEO opens up more market exposure, credibility and drives more users into the project by gaining their trust and interest. 
  • Listings - It is more efficient to list an IEO compared to conducting an ICO campaign 
These are the most significant advantages of an IEO.  Now, if you are an entrepreneur aspiring to take your project to another level with IEO, let’s walk through a quick brief of everything you need to know, from IEO development, marketing and launch. This will help you sustain in the long run and stand out from the existing competitors. 
Key Steps included in developing an IEO:
  • Creating token/ Coin on the preferred blockchain platform
  • Attaining legal compliance 
  • A whitepaper with a detailed presentation explaining the IEO purpose, benefits, etc. 
  • Automated KYC/AML verification
  • Advanced Blockchain technology integration 
  • Multicurrency secured wallet integration
  • High-volume liquidity and security integration
  • IEO listings
With the enormously evolving demand and popularity, developing a legitimate IEO that fits the current business model will pave the way for great potential in the market. But you cannot stop with that. To emerge and shine over your competitors you need to conduct massive research and carry out an effective marketing plan and launch for your IEO. Let’s find out the crucial factors involved. 
Ways to market your IEO:
  • Engaging Content Marketing through blogs, articles. 
  • Global brand awareness through effective social media marketing in various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, etc. 
  • Email marketing and newsletters to targeted potential investors
  • Influencer marketing with popular influencers voicing about your IEO in several platforms
  •  Press releases, PR campaigns, etc., to create more awareness and attract a large number of customers towards the business
  • Community building- Setting up your own community representing your crypto business to gain more loyalty and traction.
How to launch an IEO? Essentials:
  • Creative whitepaper draft/ efficiently designed, easily navigable website
  • Deployment of  smart contracts
  • IEO investor dashboard and landing page
  • A well written, detailed prospectus explaining the IEO clearly to the target audience
  • IEO listings
  • Customer support
How to go about all the above-mentioned services? Final Thought: 
As mentioned earlier, IEO acts as a mediator between the investors and the project. So it is mandatory to choose the right platform, a legitimate exchange for kickstarting your business to avoid any hurdles. The best option is to choose a well recognized and currently happening  IEO development and marketing services company. 
For instance, We at Blockchain App Factory, have a team of experts who have ample experience and are aware of the market needs and the constant changes that are happening. This helps you avail solutions that meet such needs! And also, our platform is pre-tested, white-labeled, and feature-rich, which will enable a hassle-free business, attracting global customers! Also, we help you launch your own IEO that is customizable according to your preferences. And the services are cost-effective, and your IEO will be launched in no time! So, get in touch, launch your IEO and join the millionaire club!

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