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Posted by hellensmith on May 11th, 2012

The smell of used panties cannot be described exactly, but oh boy it can surely turn on men any day. Most would describe the panties our girls wear and the smell as aromatic and musty. It is such a treat sniffing them and if the girls have missed showering for the day, the panties smell better. Using them or sniffing them while jacking off for most men is a pleasure. It is a pleasure that just cannot be described in words, but the visuals you get when these panties wrap around your face can take you to another world altogether.

If you would really like to know the experience of sniffing worn panties, you need to get the right ones from us. Take a pair of these dirty linens from us and watch where the stains are. These are stains that come directly from her pussy and the surroundings. Each woman on our team who has worn these panties has smells of their own. And it varies from one babe to another. There are various types of smells for you to engross yourself in, and you get to have panties that would send you into a tizzy.

Used panties have the smell of urine, dry urine to be precise. This smell is heavenly, attractive and sweet. You also have some women shedding their used underwear for you which would smell the same way, as the aroma you would find between her joyful sexy legs. Have you ever had the whiff of dry vaginal juice up your nostrils? If not, this is your chance to touch cloud nine smelling such panties worn by our girls. Forget panties that smell of flowers or even of costly deos, go downright raw, raunchy and personal. These panties would compel you to sniff more and more, maybe you would never stop all day or night sniffing.

The sniffing session of worn panties would be etched in your memories forever.  You would actually have the smell of her hot bottom, which is mind blowing and fantastic. Some of the panties would have remarkable anal stains as well on them. None of which would gross you out, but would actually turn you on more! You would be very excited with the sweet smelling aroma of her private parts, so why waste any more time, go ahead and order what our girls have in store for you.

Find one of the used panties on display to your satisfaction and order it from us. You would enjoy the sniffing session all your life. It would be sexually fulfilling and a great turn on as well, sniffing knickers that are dirty and used. You don’t have to go stealing panties anymore, not when you have us bringing them to you everyday. And it’s not everyday where you would find women, generous enough to lend you their used underwear to sniff. Most would find it weird out there when you make such requests, but with us we know exactly what you want, so go ahead and tell us which pairs you would like to sniff, and we will send them over to you soon!!

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