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Preventive Ways To Save Your Kitchen Sink From Clogging

Posted by JET4LES on February 22nd, 2020

It’s tough to deal clogged kitchen sink. However, there are several ways to unclog the sink, but to be on the safer side it’s always better to take the preventive measures. Avoid throwing peels, food and particles in the steel sink of the kitchen, pouring down grease could block the drain over time.

Read on to know about some proven tips and tricks to keep the sink clear and clean

Ensure food waste disposal in the garbage bin

Most people put the utensils under the sink tap shower to push all the food waste like bits of crumbs, rice, and other food particles down the drain. This eventually leaves them with a clogged kitchen drain. Maintain the habit of disposing of the food waste in the bin before putting the used utensils in the sink. It reduces the possibilities of food build-up in the drain. Seek a professional for emergency plumbing repairs Orange County if your kitchen’s sink pipe gets clogged somehow. 

Dispose of oil and grease properly 

Never pour oil and grease down the kitchen drain. You may put it down the drain considering it a liquid substance, but know that it hardens later on. Resultantly, your drain pipe is clogged. It’s tough to get rid of grease from drainage pipes. Some of the potential ways to remove grease from the drains is squirting liquid dish and pouring boiling water down the drain. However, these methods are effective but they may not come to your rescue. You may need professional hydro-jetting service to get rid of the clogging completely.

Use baking soda to avoid build-ups in the kitchen sink 

Unclogging the kitchen sink doesn’t only involve applying soap and swishing water around it. To keep the sink in the proper condition it is important to maintain its cleanliness regularly. Abrasive cleaners like bleach may damage the stainless steel. Use alkaline solutions like baking and water to prevent build ups in the sink. It simply takes a cup of baking soda, a moderate amount of dish soap, and a few drops to clean the buildup. It will leave the kitchen sink super clean and fragrant.

Use vinegar and hot water solution to avoid clogs

To keep your kitchen sink running clear and smelling fresh you may use vinegar, baking soda and water solution weekly. Simply mix equal parts of a cup of vinegar and baking with a half cup of water to make a runny solution. Drain down the mixture and let it sit for an hour before pouring hot water. This solution cleans the drain very well. You may use lemon juice instead of vinegar. 


The chances of clogging persist even after applying the preventive measures. It’s best to hire professional Kitchen sink cleaning Orange County services if you fail to get rid of clogging with the DIY measures. Clearing the stoppages in the kitchen sink and residential sewer needs expertise and proper tools. Licensed drain cleaning companies not only have all the needed equipment but they also the experience needed to complete the job perfectly.   

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