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Sabal Palms!!! Facts you should Know

Posted by palmtreedepot on February 22nd, 2020

Sabal Palms!!! What are these? Well, they simply look like large, shrubby weeds, but no these are a cool variety of trees that make themselves quite different from others.What are they exactly?

These are cold hardy plants that are usually grown on coastal areas. These trees have gained their popularity because of their edibility and landscaping nature. They are single trunked trees with fronds and are available in various parts of the world like the United States,Cuba and others such as Florida. Most of the species of Sabal Palms almost look the same, but there are some species of Sabal Palms that have their own appearance. Some of them have a trunk whereas other species grow at a height of 80 ft while some of the species have large fan leaves and some have smaller ones offering  a compact look.
There are various types of Sabal palms that include cabbage palms,palmetto,Carolina palmetto and dwarf palmetto. Sabal palms are considered to be the state tree of Florida and South Carolina.
Some of the characteristics of Sabal Palms include,

  • Palm that people can eat

As discussed earlier, these palms are famous for its edibility. The buds of the trees are used by most of the people in earlier days to prepare swamp cabbage and salad.

  • Growth of the plant

Sabal palms usually grow on the southern coast of the United States. They survive best in the areas with subtropical climate which is hot and where there is humidity. They do not grow in dry conditions. They can even grow in Mediterranean climate, but they grow slowly. There are some species of Sabal that grow in a cold hardy zone of 8a, if given the proper conditions. The most important thing about Sabal Palms is that they are quite tough. They can sustain minimum temperature, drought, salt water winds and are able to grow in different types of soil.

Apart from these trees are used for various purposes. Mostly people used them for landscaping purposes. They offer an aesthetic look to your property.
Thus, above given are a few information about Sabal Palms. Would you like to buy Sabal Palms for sale? If yes, then contact Palm Tree Depot. It is a reputed company that deals with Sabal Palms. It accepts a minimum order of 20 Sabal Palms at a price of .It offers an in house dept. If you want to place your order then visit this link at

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