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Differences between new tea and old tea

Posted by naturalpuerh on February 22nd, 2020

Description: Introduction: Pu'er tea is the leaf of Camellia sinensisO. Ktze. var. assamica Kitamura. for Camellia plants. Produced in Yunnan Province, South and southwest of Dayezhong tea, also called Pu tea.
Application: Pu-erh Tea has the function of decrease grease, warm stomach, produce saliva and slake thirst, reducing blood fat, protect the spleen and anti-alcohol, anti arteriosclerosis, it contains tannic acid like tea, helps to facilitates digestion, lose weight. The catechin compounds in tea have the anti-aging effect, which can be used for anti-aging beauty products. Yongyuan Bio Puer Tea extract is extracted from Top Yunnan Puer.

Compared with Pu-erh raw tea, the taste of cooked tea is more unique. The freshness of the cooked tea and the aged cooked tea have differences in tea properties and taste.
New tea: refers to tea 1-5 years after making wool.
Old Tea: Tea that has been stored in a dry warehouse for more than five years.
Appearance: It is difficult to see the difference between the fresh and aged teas, and they are almost the same.

Taste: The biggest difference between the new tea and the old tea lies in the taste of the old tea. The freshly made new tea will have a strong smell of the old tea after going through the process of the old tea. The taste is not very good. It is similar to seafood. After that, the odor of the pile will gradually dissipate, turning into the unique fresh sweetness of cooked tea.
The freshly pressed new tea will have a heavier water taste in three or four months. The new cooked tea soup is not very good in terms of smoothness, but the old tea will show better in the thick and smooth soup. Old tea tends to have a scent of smell, similar to the smell of clear wood in the old house, which smells very comfortable.
Soup color: There is no difference in the color of the cooked tea, the new tea and the old tea. The dried tea stored for more than ten years is better in storage, and the soup color will be more transparent. The new tea and old tea soup colors are chestnut wine red, which looks thick and thick.

Leaf bottom: cooked tea with moderate fermentation process, the new tea base is still more flexible, and the fingers are not easily broken when twisted, and the toughness of the leaves can be felt. The base of ripe tea for more than ten years is soft, and the fingers are broken when twisted.

Tea properties: New teas are hot, and old teas are warm. Freshly cooked tea is easy to get angry if you drink too much, and aged cooked tea is more moist and comfortable.
Benefits: The cooked tea has the same benefit as the old tea: warming the stomach, losing weight, reducing fat, preventing arteriosclerosis, preventing coronary heart disease, lowering blood pressure, anti-aging, anti-cancer, lowering blood sugar, bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory, reducing smoke poison, among which warming Stomach enhancing and prevention of the three high aspects are relatively prominent, suitable for long-term drinking of middle-aged and elderly people.
If it is easy to get fire, drink less freshly cooked tea in the spring and summer seasons, cooked tea warms the stomach and dispels the cold, especially suitable for autumn and winter seasons. The newly-made cooked tea is suitable for those with cold constitutions. Tea has almost no side effects, suitable for young and old, and has relatively strong health benefits.

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