A look at some of the important vision inspection machines

Posted by Heiwhite on February 23rd, 2020

When it comes to quality control in different industries you just cannot do without a vision inspection machine. These machines are accurate and efficient in detecting discrepancies in products. They help in preventing wastage and they also help in increasing the profitability of the company.

These machines can be used in different applications. Let us check the important applications:

  • They are used in verification of different types of products, assemblies and packaging
  • These machines can also be used in measuring dimensions of different components
  • They can also be used to find defects and variations in different products. That is they can detect scratches, cracks, contamination etc in the products

It must be noted that there are different types of machines like Automated Optical Inspection Machine, CCD visual inspection equipment European regulation machine etc. One has to choose the machine depending on the application and the industry.

Listed below are some important types of vision inspection systems:

  • Full-size precision testing machine:

If you want to check the size and appearance of products like mobile phone shells then you can make use of Full-size Precision Testing Equipment. This machine has a detection accuracy of +0.007 mm.

Full-size Precision Testing Equipment can be used to test different types of materials. For example, you can use it to test materials like glass, stainless steel and aluminium.

  • CCD visual inspection system:

This machine can be useful to check the dimensions of different products. That is you can use it to check the length, diameter etc of a material. It can also be used to check missing parts and material as well as deformities in different products.

The detection accuracy of this machine is 0.003. It is used in testing high precision products. It can be used to test materials like plastic and rubber.

  • Vision inspection machine for full-size die cutting products:

For full size die cutting products you have to make use of Automated Optical Inspection Machine. The detection accuracy of this machine is 0.25 mm.

This machine is used to detect leakage, offset, angle etc. The Automated Optical Inspection Machine Manufacturers normally supply these machines for full size die cutting products.

  • Automated Hardware Optical Inspection Fastener Sorting Machine and Intelligent Detection Systems:

This machine is used for checking dimensions of the material. It is also used for checking the overall appearance of the material or product.

The detection accuracy of this product is +0.007mm. This machine can be used to test different materials like glass, stainless steel, aluminium etc.

  • High-Speed Glass Turntable Inspection Machine

This machine is used to check the dimensions of different materials. It is also used for checking deformities like scratches, missing material etc. This machine can be used for testing material like rubber, plastic etc.

  • On-line inspection machine for zipper appearance:

This machine is mainly used for the detection of the logo, tail bucket positions, rotten belt, missing teeth of zippers etc.  It can be used to detect zippers made from metal, plastic nylon material. The detection accuracy of this machine is 0.05-1 mm.

  • On-line flying beat real-time automated inspection system:

This machine is mainly used for detection of any defects and drawbacks in the loading. It can also be used to check defects in labelling. The detection accuracy of this machine is 0.05- 0.1mm. It can be used for the inspection of different types of hardware.

  • One-click detection machine vision inspection:

This is a desktop model that requires less space. This is a highly efficient machine and it can do the detection very fast. It has the capability to inspect multiple products at one time. It is easy to operate and it has the ability to work continuously.

These are just a few vision inspection machines. There are many other vision inspection machines that can be used for different types of assessments and inspections.

Here is how to order for the best vision inspection machine:

If your manufacturing unit needs a vision inspection machine then you first need to take into account details like the purpose for which you will use the machine. Then you have to also consider the materials that you will be testing. Also, take into consideration the budget.

Now if you need an Automated optical inspection system then approach the Automated Optical Inspection Machine Manufacturers and update them about your requirement so that they can provide you with the right solution.

For full-size precision testing machines and any other machines check the link https://www.topvision.net/ . This is one company which manufactures different types of vision inspection machines.

If you have any customised machine requirement then too you can check with this company. Give them the specifications and they will give you the solution for the same. Switch from manual inspection of products to automated inspection with the help of the best type of machine.

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